Africa the Last Frontier, the Battle Enjoined

I’m in a bad mood after reading this stupid article

The article is too long to paste here, but here is a taste of what to expect…

The author discusses the three scourges in Africa of Malaria, HIV, TB, and shares her thoughts on the politics of medicine. Despite opinions to the contrary, homeopathy proves effective as a prophylactic for Malaria

It is depressing… I am becoming increasingly annoyed at foreigners thinking they’re saints in Africa and in the process kills off thousands of ignorant people. This American in Kenya have now been added to the bloody Italians in the Helen Joseph Hospital buzzing around in my bonnet…

at least they aren’t telling us to eat garlic and beetroots to cure aids.
but ja, popping some mystery liquid from dr so and so down the road aint gonna do much either.

personally, and many people have been highly offended by this view. aid is a lesson in morality. keep it in your pants, and you should be okay. unlucky tho, for the victims of rape and bloodtransfusion blunders, and the like.

too many wildebeest on the masai mara, they get some disease, the numers lessen, nature can cope. balance ensues.
too many humans on the earth…you get the idea.

if i had to get aids, for being promiscious, then i will take it as due punishment. if by some unfortunate accident, shit, that’s life.

By the same logic, is lung cancer a lesson in morality? Don’t smoke and you should be okay.

I don’t think getting AIDS has anything to do with being immoral, rather just the consequences of irresponsible actions.

Read the article. What a load of BS, and claiming 7000 (!?) cures from Homeopathic remedies for Malaria? I thought Malaria is a virus - so how can that be cured with a sugar pill? Bloody annoying.

Malaria is caused by a critter called Plasmodium, a eukaryotic protist. The animal is much larger than a virus and because it contains a cell nucleus, closer related to ourselves than to either viruses or bacteria!

Bloody annoying.
;D - intentional?


I LOVE posting on forums where people get my jokes. Cool.

Still can’t be nailed by homeopathic sugar pills - still bloody annoying. Same as “miracle” claims by woo-woo Christians - cooking the data and making unverified claims.