I’ll confess. I got onto this site following my nemesis and it seems I would owe him a debt of honour for that. It’s all right, I think my ego can take the hit.

Actually if you want to split hairs, I followed rwenzori, following my nemesis, but let’s put that aside.

I am an agnostic atheist and lean strongly towards anti-theism and very strongly against anti-woo. I think the world would be better off without either but recognise it probably isn’t possible. Yet. And when I say strongly,I mean, I speak out against it on the Interwebs. :smiley:

I like the looks of this site, and would probably actively participate from now on. I have outgrown some of the other sites I have been active on and it seems fortuitous that I found this one. If I were to believe in fortune overtly :wink:

Well met everyone, I look forward to shooting the breeze with all of you, get under some skins and make friends for the most part.


Welcome, cyghost. I read my natal chart, my palm and the tarot earlier today and so I knew you were coming, but the planets, lines and cards weren’t clear about who that nemesis might be…


Having seen your code earlier, I know you’ll figure this out quite easily. A name mentioned in my post should alert you and lead the way to enlightenment and that is all clue you deserve after that damned enigma of yours!

I confess to be intrigued by codes but also have to admit I suck at them for the most part. (I totally failed to follow the Bible Code ;D)

Be that as it may, your own response so far has only made to rub my hands gleefully.

And that is a second (unnecessary I presume) clue!

Welcome cyghost! Good to have you on board!

Thank you, mate.