And the sinner is...

Hi all,

Joburg, engineer, radical atheist. Tired of all the BS out there. Lurker for a while. Need more likeminded company. That’s all for now – as if it wasn’t enough already. :slight_smile:

Hi Irreverend, nice to see you around here! :slight_smile:


Bless me father, for I have sinned…

Ooops - wrong sort of Reverend. :wink:

Welcome, from a fellow newbie.

Yo. Welcome.

Lots of you Godless sinners up there in Gauntengeland eh? Must be the water? :wink:

Down here in Cape Town we have the sea. People see it, go, that is a lot of water… No natural explanation will do, therefore God.

Hello Irreverend, and welcome to the forum. Some intro!


Welcome. I love it when lurkers step forward. Recently I too have been lurking, just too much going on in meatspace, but time to step up.


Us godless sinners are still a minority. Makes us easy to condemn by the godly sinners.

:smiley: I think I’ll be at home here. :smiley:

Ah, but dem godly sinners are supposed to love us like Jesus loves them, and to do unto us as they would have us to do unto them. Sadly theory and practice seem somewhat irreconcilable! :wink:

I like the


If I can find the thread, some of us previously lamented that fact that there are not more atheists “proselytising” out there.