Any electricians here???

I’ve just got quoted to have some of the electrical wiring fixed at home. Considering we know squat all about electricity or the associated costs thereof, I’m wondering if we have someone here that can cast a knowing eye over the quote we received and tell us whether its a rip off or not?

I know a colorblind electrician…

Don’t you mean knew?

Those jokes are shocking

I take that as a no then… :smiley:

Bunch of useless intellectuals frequenting this forum… >:D

Maybe the not-so-useless intellectual answer to this question would be…

[spoiler]… to get a few more quotes from other electricians.[/spoiler]




I have already done so, waiting for the quotes!


My wife does administration for a small electrical company, including costing of quotes, I am sure she will be able to do a quick comparison to their costing.

Faerie, phone Mark @ 0822993210 He could give a quick look at what needs to be done and quote


Thank you guys!!

I’ll phone Brian, much appreciated.

He is still alive and well. Got himself a spanner boy with color vision to interpret. Don’t know how he pass the trade test though.

Prolly trained as a conductor first where he learned the all-important lesson that resistance is futile… :-X

More seriously, colour-blind people don’t usually struggle to distinguish black (neutral) from red/white/blue (three phases) from naked copper (ground), or brown (live, single-phase) from blue (neutral) from green & yellow candystripe (ground). It’s red and green shades of similar intensity that usually give them trouble.


Just noticed this!!!