Aw Snigger!!

Funny site, but this one in particular had me in stitches:

Placing the Lord’s reproductive sword into your wifes holy exit will not only give you a future insatiable taste for the backdoor barnyard, it will also make you gay. Flaming gay. All you will be able to think about during the Sunday church services will be the throbbing anal cavities of your fellow parishioners, both the women and the men.

If you think that will be the end of the consequences of your late night burrito stashing, you are sorely mistaken. Once your wife has experienced the tremendous pain involved with having the traffic in her pooh tunnel change directions all of a sudden, she will no longer desire the company of men. You may notice her having more ‘friends’ over until one day you walk in on a room full of naked women praying to the apple of Satan while smoking marijuana out of Bible pages and fondling each others love spots with all different shapes, sizes, and colors of dildo’s and dildo accessories.

And the problem is…?

The plural of dildo is dildos, not dildo’s. Can’t expect basic literacy from the bible brigade.