Believe It or Not: Sceptical of satanism scares

Tune in to Talk Radio 702 or 567 Cape Talk this Sunday night (tonight) at 8PM when I will be providing (what I hope to be) a coherent and rational sceptical position on the satanism scares in the media. Tune in and phone in.

I will be inviting listeners back here to discuss the topic.

The discussion will probably start with the recent media attention given to the “satanist ninja” story. It seems that Morne Harmse is no longer claiming it was satan who made him do it, even though this was extremely unlikely in the first place. But it is a general topic on satanism scares, so it will probably go into “embedded messages” in music, the heavy metal band controversies of the past, the satanic ritual abuse scandals of the 80s. I’ll be interested to see where this goes. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up! Will try to listen. Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having trouble getting the online feed for 702 or 567 to work, can someone try to record it tonight?

I have also not been able to use the online streaming feature. But after the show 702 usually makes the show available on the podcast page. I expect it will be there some time this week. If not I also have a backup plan :wink:


Good show James.

It appears that we need to distinguish between theistic and atheistic satanists, with the Church of Satan representing the latter, and Mr Krige having represented the former.

Your and Mr Krige’s ideas about who the real and the pseudo satanists are, are diametrically and logically opposed. Interesting!


I found myself getting frustrated for you, James, because Mr. Krige seemed to constantly miss the point you were making about who or what a satanist is; and also because the host allowed him far too much time to talk about himself and his view instead of sticking to the topic.

I would have liked to have heard more about stories where anti social and psychologial disorders are labelled as satanist; such as in the Morne Harmse case where the devil was blamed for his behaviour.

Otherwise, a good show, James. :wink:

Yeah, well done James.
It was a good show. Everybody kept their cool (even Ado Krige) and got their viewpoints across nicely.

PS. Thanks for pointing the listeners to the forum. Your blog url proved a bit difficult to pronounce, even for Kate(?) :wink:


I don’t think that I was presenting the rational perspective very well. I may have to force myself to listen to it again to see where the wheels came off, but as far as I was concerned the topic expanded into so many directions that I couldn’t cover all of the points that Mr. Krige raised. This past couple of days I was researching the sociological and anthropological perspective of satanism scares. I didn’t really think I’d have to start talking about Atheism - and when I was asked to discuss my beliefs I thought that the audience would immediately switch-off to anything I said.

I hope that the discussion continues here and we see some new members expressing an opinion.


I am so pleased to finally have discovered a forum such as this because I have for too long felt like someone in a foreign country as virtually everyone around me continues to subscribe to deluded religious fantasies. Thanks to James who provided the URL for this forum on “Believe it or not” last night. I was also most impressed by his eloquence, measured manner of engaging with issues, and insightful observations. Just such a pity that the former Satanist, and now committed Christian(surely there’s a link?) monopolised so much of the discussion.

I am a regular listener to “Believe it or not” and am usually disappointed by the high number of whackaloons who are given ample time to air their ridiculous views while the rationalist perspective is rarely, if ever, given anything like the same amount of coverage. I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s discussion not only because of the information imparted but because there was a measure of balance which is usually so sorely lacking on this show. In the last six months they have interviewed just one openly atheist guest who also happened to be a scientist, but he wasn’t able to really effectively articulate the rationalist/humanist/sceptic position, or so I thought. Such a pity James can’t be on more programmes as South Africa desperately needs a visible rationalist amidst the morass of faith based lunacy and other woeful superstitions that still continue to blight our land.

Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Yes: easy credulity and a propensity for taking fantasy as reality.


Thanks for the welcome.

Apropos the convenient conversion - yeah, that’s what I also thought…

Seems I am missing good stuff back in SA. Is the show available online?

The podcast page linked above does not have a link to the satanism show. Pity…
Maybe you can write to 702 or the presenter, but I haven’t found them to be very helpful :-\