Best of Shoutbox

b Lilli:[/b] I still see no improvement in the weather here… doesn’t someone have a hotline to the weather fairies?

b gothcatgirl:[/b] its all god’s fault

b (241509):[/b] It’s not my fault, I’m busy with a volocano in Iceland and an oil spill in the Gulf ~ God

b gothcatgirl:[/b] so much for multi-taski​ng. god obviously is male.

b (297097):[/b] Hellooo, I sent you Malema, weather tricks are soooo yesterday ~ God

b (297097):[/b] And to taunt you sceptics on this forum, I sent you Teleologica​l ~ God

b[/b] gothcatgirl: true that. kudos.

b Teleological:[/b] Haha, someone feels taunted

b (928746):[/b] Those nasty atheists taunt me all the time, saying I don’t exist. Sic 'em Teleologica​l, tell them the one about the bacterial flagellar wotsanamey thingy ~ God

b Teleological:[/b] Or we can just talk about teleology and purposive behaviour. Some “geniuses” seem to think it is just an illusion and does not really exist. Ask muffles the materialist about.

b Teleological:[/b] Perhaps you chaps here should read this; Teleology in nature: biology’s next paradigm shift?

b Teleological: [/b] Yes yes, before you gasp and fall off your chairs because of that word "teleology"​, just have a look.

b Teleological:[/b] http://talk​.thinkingmat​​2010/teleolo​gy-in-nature​-biologys-ne​xt-paradigm-​shift/

b (948270):[/b] Yes, that’s a good one, Teleologica​l, you are one of my creations that I am proud of, the others being Ken Hamm and Jerry Falwell. And don’t let this muffles upset you ~ God

b Teleological: [/b] Oh don’t worry, the narcisistic tendencies of neverhasbee​ns don’t bother me

b Teleological: [/b] nevergonnab​es are just as useless honestly, but we all ove you

b (185035):[/b] Tsk, tsk, you must stop this habit of projecting Teleologica​l ~ God