Book review

Can we start a book review section. not just for skeptic related books, any other books.
i would rather have the opinion of like-minded people about a book, than some moldy tweed-toting schmuck from Leeds.
Anybody game?

I’m game, I read widely about anything and everything, and enjoy recommendations to new (and old) books.

I’m game too. Though I don’t read as much as I would like to find the time to (and I definitely don’t read enough of the intellectual stuffs)
Should we start by everyone sharing what they are reading currently / recently and what they thought / think about the book? Could also be fun to ask everyone to post a list (possibly including a short description and/or review) of their top 5 books ever.
I am currently reading ‘On Beauty’ by Umberto Eco, on the recommendation of one of my ex-professors, and seriously having trouble making sense (but I only just started, so maybe his meaning will become clear if I ever reach page 10)

its up to bluegray at the end.
i think, each review should be a new post, so that when other people read the book, a discussion can go forth independant of other books.
i would love it, coz im allways lax to buy a book if someone else hasnt read it yet, and gave me an opinion about it.

My tastes are maturing a bit and I’m struggling to find good books that I find satisfying. I’m for some reason completely off fiction, unless its factual or historically correct fiction, I’m looking for good books that gets me thinking and pondering.

I am still a fan of good ol’ Pratchett, but have to be really in the mood for him lately. I eventually finished The God Delusion - and although enjoyable, it was, for me, just a recouping of everything I agree on anyway, so not really satisfying in the end.

I bought “The Help” in a moment of madness last weekend - not something I’d buy when feeling normal, but the cover caught my eye and I bought it (the author eludes me at the moment), I’m around quarter way through and its a factual drama about the 1960’ race issues in the US. Its turning out a fascinating read although not quite up to par to my usual tastes.

I’m halfway through “A stranger in a Strange Land” - Robert A heinlein - but am struggling to get into it like I should, the concept intrigues me, but I think the writing style and possibly the age of the “futuristic” novel spoils it a bit for me.

But, like I said, I’m having a hard time with fiction at the moment - they’re just not chewy enough for me anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I’m intermittedly reading “A dummies guide to the universe” - which my S/O tells me is all wrong, incorrect, and mostly bullsh*t, but I’m ignorant of most science and I thought it would at least tell me a bit about black holes - which it does, albeit apparantly not correctly. (wtf!!)

I think it’s a good idea BG…let us know how and when


gcg you kill me.

The best pop science book along this vein that I’ve read recently is called Bang! The complete history of the universe (3rd ed, 2009) by Brian May, Patric Moore and Chris Lintott.

The best part is that its commonly available for something like R100!


Yes, and as a bonus, it’s that Brian May, too!


I’ll think about it. Maybe a whole section just for book reviews is a bit much, but if there is interest, why not :wink:

Yes please!

I took a speed-reading course, and read War and Peace in 20 minutes. It’s about Russia. - Woody Allen

Added the book review section. :wink:

spank you spank you spank you!!! :-*

Anyone here read military history?

( Laaik, I’m not going to bother if no-one is interested. )

Yes, but in bits and bobs because it gives me nightmares, I do find it fascinating though and have quite a collection.

military as in, 2nd world war, or like greco/roman? the older the better.

1st/2nd WW and been hunting down books on African wars - which is suprisingly interesting from a cultural viewpoint. I’ve got books dating from the late 1800’s on the topic (I’m a collector), but have never really studied them, I’ll check the titles and authors this weekend and post some here FYI.