Burning the Quran


THE pastor of a small Florida church has promised to hold a Koran burning in defiance of a top US commander who warned his actions will spark violent reactions in the Islamic world. But the pastor insisted that the Koran torching to be held on Saturday aimed "to remember those who were brutally murdered on September 11th" and to send a warning "to the radical element of Islam".
what a fucktard.

some people here might agree with this dude, but i think he’s an epic douche.
he recons he plans to burn the quran, since it contains lies, but then he needs to burn the bible too.
and the whole christian nation will be up in arms if someone burnt the bible.
this is just A-class, eternal, shit-stirring material.

Ag, its ok, the US obviously have plenty of tall buildings they want to demolish.

Its farked-up, classic case of my god’s more peace-loving than yours… and really, what is this if not racisim dressed up with a cross? Its a hate-crime, nothing more, nothing less.

I’m tired of all this religious crap.

Some people are just not all that clever, are they? (wtf!!) how exactly does burning a book aim to “remember those who were brutally murdered”? and what kind of a warning is that?! Seriously - ‘fly planes into our buildings again and we’ll… we’ll… uhm… burn the book that you believe is the word of god despite the fact that there are a billion other copies of it available to anyone interested in reading it… sure, that’ll show you!’
If a person, like this pastor, really wants to remember those people who died in the 9/11 attacks, how does he justify carrying out actions that he knows is more than likely to breed more violence.

Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

Yup. His action will almost certainly stir up a hornets nest and possibly cause thousands more to be killed. He must be insane (oh yes, he’s a pastor, goes with the territory I guess).

Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

Says it all - nice post cyghost.

Yip. I wanted to say that that is the christian way, but that may be a bit unfair? :stuck_out_tongue:

and the douche mayor of of New York is defending this asshat.
i heard, at least, on the radio this morning, that there is a jewish/christian/muslim alliance in the US who publicly denounced this behviour

All these denouncements have nothing to do with ethics or rights and all to do with fear of retribution. It illustrates how a militant organization obtains privileges.

Bush and his ilk did more for the cause of Islam than Muhammad This latest gig is the latest in the line of prophets! (wtf!!)

“That was mere foreplay. Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.” (German: “Das war Vorspiel nur. Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen.”)

  • Heinrich Heine, Almansor (1821)

There was a similar debate some while ago, about one religion being disrespectfull toward another, and i defended the fact that you should respect people’s beliefs, even if you dont believe in them.
and i got lambasted.
i still say, that dont disrespect people’s beliefs. even if some dude believes that his dog is god, then that is his blief, and while you can have a debate with him about it, its not your place, or your right, to destroy things which he holds dear. you arent going to burn someone’s collection of Isaam Asimov books because you think he’s an asshole.
it just doesnt work like that.
even moreso if you entire culture and society is based upon a particular belief, and its deeply ingrained. it may be complete bollocks, but that is what they know, and it gives them hope and peace.
and yes, i dont think islam is all that hot, its pretty fucked up. but xtians arent all that either. in fact, i think, more people suffer from xtian bullshit. xtians seem more likely to get your money and make a run.
my point being. just have some fucking respect. its easy. if you are happy for people to insult your deepest beliefs, your core values.
your not going to walk into someone’s house and kick their cat, because you dont like cats?
and above and beyond anything, you are putting people’s lives at risk. why go and piss off millions of muslims, and the imams and extremists ammo with which to whip their people into a frenzy. when at the moment, you only have a few thousand basketcases to deal with. and the majority of muslims are just happy to live in peace and get by.
im just saying, have some respect.

What if some unstable Christians like Rev. Terry Jones, are running out of patience after studying Revelations and the whole Armageddon war between God and Satan fairytale and expresses a subconscious urge to hasten the ‘end of days’ to finish their suffering on earth by ending up doing this absolutely ridiculous things like provoking ‘Satan/Islam’ by burning the Qur’an?

“In unrelated news, Quran sales spiked today in Florida leading the printers to increase output to meet the sudden demand.”

GCG, gotta disagree skepchick. Once we get into the “we tolerate everything” category we have to include the crowd who believe they must “burn supposed holy books to show their anger”. Why are you being so intolerant? Oh yes, because they believe bullshit and it should not be tolerated any more than we tolerate people shooting eachother on the gaza strip. (Which could’ve easily started in a similar way - not saying it did, but it could).

I have little fear of retribution being an annomini mouse here on the webs and I think Islam is a dangerous religion, holding archaic and idiotic beliefs, steeped in ignorance and bigotry and their revered prophet, from what I know of him, was a pedophile dickhead.

Yet I denounce this burning of the Quran. First and formost of because no book should ever be burned. Ever. And secondly this will serve absolutely no useful purpose whatsoever. It won’t make anyone think twice about anything. It won’t bring anyone into the fold. All it will accomplish is people talking about stupidity and we do that anyway.

It is is an expression of intolerance and while I am the last one who would actually call for tolerance to stupid ideas and beliefs I cannot support the way in which this will be expressed. Especially by people who hold the same fucked up beliefs as the people they protest again. The irony is simply too overwhelming.

Is there irony in me calling Islam as I see it and yet opposing this cleric’s actions? Perhaps there is. But I guess I object to the action itself more than anything. Draw silly drawings of little Mo if you want to piss them off, that works fine and the effect is more hilarious due the absolute incongruence.

while I agree with MM, the burning may in fact be to the advantage of atheism if people start to get ‘gatvol’. My experience of religionists is that this will only polarize them and as Heine said in 1821, it will end up in conflagration. GCG is also right, intolerance will get us nowhere but it doesn’t mean we should tolerate bigotry, fanaticism, etc. I cannot support a so-called ‘grey-morality’…how do you differentiate?

Reminds me of a Heinrich Heine quote: “Where they burn people, there they eventually burn people”.

(Ok, ok, I’m not really sure what the correlation between [large scale?) book burnings and genocide is, but it’s still a cool quote!)

Also… if you’re going to do something like this (personally I wouldn’t), it seems like a good idea to burn a whole BUNCH of books: Koran, Bible, Vedas, etc.

Er… um… tautology aside and for suitably chosen values of “people,” well, yessss… :wink: But see also here.


if islamic nations decide to burn bibles, you are sure to hear all xtian nations going absolutely apeshit.
if that pastor, and his ilk, is ready to accept their holy books being burnt, and not go all holy war on their asses, then go ahead, burn the quran.
but i can bet your boobtube that at the first sign of a bible being burnt, americans will demand retribution, and want the army to nuke the shit out of every islamic country.
and i say, once again. this pastor from hicksville, is going to start a fire, that he will not have power to put out. he is one asshole, making a very radical, very stupid move, on behalf of an entire nation. and putting millions of people’s lives on the line. this kind of shit is exactly the kind of incentive the extremists are looking for. its the best kind of propaganda fodder.
where before a few kids might fall for their shit, now even more people will be sympathetic to their cause, because the infidel is burning their ‘bible’.
my bloodpressure rises that this pastor moron hasnt been arrested for hatespeech and discrimination, and terrorism.
while i couldnt give a horny rat’s ass if islam gets eliminated, this douche is not attacking a faith, he’s attacking a people. a culture. a way of life. and yes, its a shit way of life, but he’s just going to make these people’s beliefs stronger.
this is not the way lessen the hold of allah on millions.
this asshole needs to spend some time in chink, and learn from the local big boy, by the name of ahmed jones, how to respect another’s faith.
when people are happy in their faith, its not my job to go and convince them otherwise. if they want to know, and care to hear, then i will be a well of information.
no amount of burning, prodding, blogging, moaning and protesting, will change a person’s mind, if he has accepted religion as their crutch. and the more you push the issue, the further you push them into their faith. and the bible, and his pastor, will say : ‘look, they are trying to steal you from god, this is a test of your faith!’ and get the poor bugger to pray harder, and give more money.

I have googled Muslims burning Bibles and got 1 720 000 results. I fully agree that burning the Koran serves no purpose. The salient point I wanted to emphasize is that the main concern in this matter is not the destruction of a couple of books that can easily be replaced, but the way in which the Muslim community will retaliate. If you were to burn your own copies of Courage to Doubt or Moses was a Liar the authors might be a bit miffed, but they would not crash aeroplanes into your house - I hope.