Call Center Conspiracy

Hope no-one on this site works in one. One of my BIGGEST hates is the call center conspiracy to keep consumers/clients at a distance to the service provider, i.e. banks, ESKOM etc. Who could ever have dreamed up such an evil? You get calls all hours of the day about total rubbish (special deals etc) banks trying to nail you for exceeding your overdraft, etc etc and when you want to speak to someone in a decisionmaking position, the call centre is there to intercept your often irate call, place you on some inane musical hold or ads “Your call WILL be attended to; you are call number 30006”…whatever happened to personal service, accountability, and plain good communication? (wtf!!)

LOL I work in a call centre and you’re right of course, but the conspiracy goes way deeper than you could possibly imagine. Mwahaha >:D