Cigarette smuggling

Is this not a sign that the tax is to high? Smugglers will only do it if the profit justify the risk. There must be a tipping point somewhere. At some point the Taxman will lose more by taxing it at a higher rate.

Yup. They went from taxation in order to generate a bit of revenue, to taxation as a form of moral crusade. Thus we now see many of the problems that Prohibition caused.

IIRC there was a much repeated radio advertisement a few years back linking the money generated from illegal cigarette sales to all sorts of evils … terrorism etc. The point presumably being that if you were to buy these “grey” smokes, you are also a domino in events leading to much more serious crimes. However, I could see no reason to believe that ciggy smugglers don’t simply blow their money on food and Nicholas Cage DVDs like the rest of us.


…whereas the tax paid on cigarettes can be linked to a certain private housing complex in Nakandla.




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Interesting pattern suddenly appears: “Cig smuggling is evil, not necessarily in itself, but it causes other crimes” sounds very reminiscent of “Weed is evil, not so much in itself, but it causes hard drug abuse.”.

In either case, I suspect the evidence is sorely lacking to make a case of causation. More likely: Druggies do drugs and Criminals do crime. If you’re buying illegal goods I don’t think you’re under any illusion that the guys selling it are bunny hugging do-gooders.

I suspect this simply means: “Good Point”. (… And then Rigi explains it before I post, there ya go)

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Smoking some smuggled stuff can stunt the ability to formulate words.

Yup, as amply demonstrated by any number of religious and New Age texts.