Confirmation Gift

The son of a friend of mine is getting confirmed on Sunday and we have been invited. They understand that I will not be going to the church, but will pop round for the lunch - it’s nearly a full day affair. They are so proud and even he is extremely excited (The (headbang) emoticon goes here! Bluegray?).

They don’t know how I really feel about this form of lunacy, brain washing and child abuse, but anyway…

Apparently, it is customary to get the little fellow a gift…any suggestions?

I thought maybe a poster for his room …

One of Hitchen’s books?

Great idea. He’s only 10 though, so maybe Dan Barker’s book - Just Pretend

A T-shirt?

Get the kid a PC game - Black and White comes to mind. At 10, he doesnt really care a hoot - its all about pleasing his folks. Poor kid.

My suggestion is to get the guy a cricket bat with a note attached: “Something more constructive to do on Sundays, or to keep priests away if your parents keep forcing you to go to church.”

poor little bugger.
maybe a bit young for heavy literature, but i’m sure there are books in Exclusive that deal with the woo-tide, but for younger minds.
or get him origins of the species. it’s a start.

hey don't know how I really feel about this form of lunacy, brain washing and child abuse, but anyway.....
Is that because you don't want them to know how you feel about it, or because they simply won't listen? If it is your intention to be open with them in this regard, then I would think its a good idea to get him something that screams the truth, but if it is a subject you would rather not discuss with this particular group of people, I would get him something completely neutral. He's ten, so toy-cars, or marbles or whatever 10-year-old boys play with these days. I don't think a ten-year-old's goofy parents should be cause for uncomfortable situations in the friendship, and if you give a gift that too blatantly expresses your beliefs (or lack thereof) it could become awkward.

I really don’t have a problem letting them know how I feel - I think my wife gave everyone the heads up so they just expected that I won’t be going. It is one of those times when I think you have to pick your fights, as Rebecca Watson would say. If they ever raised the issue, I would let them have it with everything I have.

I let my wife organize the gift - end up getting him a bible in a cover - what a shitty gift! Having said that I can only hope that he actually reads it and something clicks. Lilli your idea of getting him a 10 year-old type gift was great. Thanks.

I didn’t get presents for my confirmation, but it’s never too late. A bottle of Bell’s will do, Lilli.

Lilli your idea of getting him a 10 year-old type gift was great. Thanks.
You are more than welcome ;D
I didn't get presents for my confirmation, but it's never too late. A bottle of Bell's will do, Lilli.
I never got a gift for my confirmation either, so let's just pretend that I did send you over a bottle of Bell's, and you sent me one as well. >:D

Thanks for;attach=551;image

Fokkin’ awesome!! Wish I’d got a confirmation gift like that…I just got some crappy foil medal or something.

An appropriate gift, for parents who insist on making a child go through what amounts to a primitive initiation ritual, is ANY Richard Dawkins, but preferably “The God Delusion”. And for the child: if he’s getting confirmed at 10, he’s probably Catholic, so “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull would be a good idea too. Excellent music, and Side 2 bears more than a few listens in terms of religion.