Consilience, episode 1

The first episode of Consilience, a South African podcast on science and skepticism, has been released. Featuring Michael & Angela Meadon and Owen Swart, you can download it here:

One notable feature is the first half of an interview with Dr Steven Novella of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe.

damn, you’d think “google listen” on android would work with feedsburner :frowning: any android users here having any luck with the feed to this podcast?

I’m trying to test it on my end, but my Listen seems to be crapping out. If anyone else gets it right, or doesn’t, please let me know

(I’m the one who runs the Feedburner thingy)

I’m able to get Consilience to appear in my Listen Subscriptions list, but no episodes are coming through. Are you guys seeing the same thing?

That’s a relief then :slight_smile: Thanks!

I downloaded the BeyondPod application from the market and it works with feedburner, busy downloading the first episode :slight_smile:

Well done guys for punting the SKA!

May I recommend that your astronomy topic for the next episode, your listeners can do some astronomy science on March 22 - April 4, To quote “an international citizen-science campaign to raise public awareness of the impact of light pollution”

FYI, android phones have peturbed my sleeping patterns :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion Benguela, I will definitely punt this on our next 'cast. Hopefully it will be up on time for people to participate.

While you’re on the subject of the SKA, could you discuss the influence of fracking on the SKA if it goes ahead and on the bid prospects. Some oke on the radio seemed to think it would scupper our bid and the SKA would go to the ozzies (oy, oy, oy), but I haven’t had time to delve into it. Please do it for me. Ta.

Sarah Wild makes some telling points about the media’s failures in science journalism, resulting in public apathy — with particular reference to SA’s SKA bid. A well-crafted piece worth at least one re-read.