Contest seeks names for 2 Pluto moons

Apart from the obvious ones, namely Mickey and Minnie, perhaps members here will have some ideas…

Contest seeks names for 2 Pluto moons

And why only western mythological figures? Perhaps we can suggest some African underworld figures? Malema? Zuma? :slight_smile:

In the Disney universe, those two would be Goofy and Pete, no? :wink:


How do you know they are Pluto moons? They may be optical illusions.

How about Melinoe and Alecto, allegedly the offspring of Pluto.

Tweedledum & Tweedledee.

Pinky & Perky.

Well, let’s give the illusions names. The case of Jupiter and its illusory moons has set a precedent.

I’m glad to notice just how seriously everyone takes this thread… ;D

Shy up! shy up! at a half-goon-coffee-soda!

That’s no moon!

Eureka, I’ve got it! The moons shall be named Kobus and De Klerk in honour of the discoverer of DASSIE (Distance–Adjusted Satellite Substitution by Illusion Effect). :wink:


Could work … or, if the moons are frequently at opposition, Kobus and Brian. :wink:

I’m loony enough to have richly earned having a moon named after me. :slight_smile:

Send it in seems like the naming convention