Crystal woo

There’s a crystal shop at my local shopping mall. I was looking for a birthday present for my sister, and got her a necklace out of fuchsite and ruby. The lady then put in two paper cards describing the stone. I thought it was cool geological info, so just accepted it. When I got home I read the papers:

Fuchsite Fuchsite accesses knowledge with great practical value. May help to understand your interaction with other people and relates to basic concerns about life. It facilitates the clear expression of thoughts, and feelings. Fuchsite amplifies the energy of crystals and facilitates their transfer. Helps to control blood sugar, and regulates the kidneys.
Ruby It was believed that by wearing a Ruby one would enjoy good health, affluence, wisdom and good love relationships. A stone of happiness and provides economic stability. Provides energy, vitality and strength. Strengthens and livens the body therefore is recommended to people who suffer from weakness or exhaustion.

Left a feeling of distaste in me after reading all that bullshit. I’m going to print out replacement cards, with some actual interesting data.

you know, if crystals had any power in the first place, then it would be pretty damn useless after it has been hacked from whichever cave it was growing in, or stone it has formed in. then polished, handled, chemically processed, and shaped and cut.

hey I know of some crystals that have the power of seducing the most resistant person… >:D

Do you mean carbon in a specific crystalline form? You know, the kind that forms under a little heat and much intense pressure… ::slight_smile:

(Hint, hint, a phase diagram…)


yes that’s the one ;D and the bigger it is the more power it has…weird hey? It’s as if it seems to create a vacuous stare followed by a discernible weakening of the knees…an arm stretches out involuntarily, limp-fingered, the mouth pouts and when obtained it causes fixation and immense jealousy from those who don’t have!

Ditsem! Following your clarification, I guess one can read my phrase “a little heat and much intense pressure” both literally and figuratively. :wink:


Ooooh I luv the heat and the pressure…both literally and figuratively!

Good grief!

;D ;D ;D

I do enjoy this thread!

shows what rules the world! ;D

There is some speculation that the gas planets may have diamond cores. Diamonds as big as the earth. Any man who can go and get that of course will have it all. Woman for some reason like diamonds and the bigger the better. I wonder why?

THEY say SIZE counts :o I never believed it though! ;D

we likes the shiny… :-*

i too, like shiny things, but find diamonds kitch. i’m a fan of tanzanite and silver.
any woman that has ever worked in a garden/painted/worked on a car/played with animals/play-fought/climbed a tree… will know that a big ring is a pain in the ass, and is just in the way.

Then you be wearin’ it wrong, m’deah! ;D


i’ve learnt to keep the shinies in the box, untill there is a reason to wear them.
i’ve lost too many toerings in mud, earring in lawns, noserings in clubs… i’m way too huge a tomboy.

Personally, I’m far easier to bribe with a pair of shoes or chocolate than jewelry. Chocolates fixes everything, and I’m fortunate that my S/O knows this. (He, on the other hand, considers himself fortunate that I prefer chocolates!)

Brilliant! ;D