Devout Jewish woman sues Lancôme over beauty product that fails the Sabbath test

From The Freethinker

NEW YORKER Rorie Weisberg forked out $45.00 for a one-ounce a bottle of facial gunk that promised a full night and day of “lasting perfection”.

The Orthodox Jewish woman did so because she wanted something that would last her through the Sabbath. The product had to be long- lasting because it is verboten for observant Jews to apply make-up between sundown on a Friday and Saturday night.

Lancôme’s new Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation held out the promise of a full 24 hours of beauty enhancement, but apparently failed to deliver. So, according to this report, Weisberg “can’t look good and stay holy at the same time”, and she’s suing the make-up giant.

Her suit states:

The 24-hour claim was central to plaintiff’s purchase decision, as a long-lasting makeup assists with her dual objectives of compliance with religious law and enhancement to her natural appearance.

Court papers say Weisberg:

Is an Orthodox Jew and abides by Jewish law by not applying makeup from sundown on Friday until nighttime on Saturday. This means the makeup would have been crucial to helping her keep Jewish law, especially at major family occasions.

Specifically, plaintiff’s eldest son is having his bar mitzvah celebration in June and plaintiff was looking for a long-lasting foundation that would achieve the foregoing dual objectives over the bar mitzvah Sabbath.

The suit alleged that the pricey “faded significantly” overnight.

The Manhattan federal-court filing accuses Lancôme of violating New York business law through “deceptive acts and practices.”

The suit seeks unspecified damages from Lancôme and parent company L’Oréal on behalf of Weisberg and everyone else who bought the flesh-coloured foundation, as well as a “corrective advertising campaign.”

A spokeswoman for L’Oreal said in a statement:

Lancôme strongly believes that this lawsuit has no merit and stands proudly behind our products. We will strenuously contest these allegations in court. Consistent with our practice and policy, however, as this matter is currently in litigation, we cannot comment further.

I presume that you can go to the toilet on the sabbath since “you have to go when you have to go”, but are you allowed to wash your hands? Is that seen as working?

Mmm … a coat of universal primer could perhaps do the trick. :smiley:

I think she should sue god for making that stupid rule that makes her look not-so-nice on the sabbath.

24 hours without make-up? Oy vey, religion can be sooo oppressive.

What Would Moses Do?

Probably drop a couple of stone tablets on her for being such a meshugge kvetcher, that’s what.


Surely it’s a matter of opinion that it ‘faded significantly.’ I’m sure the defence could produce a witness who would testify that she was no less ugly when the gunk was first applied than she was the next day?

She plonked it on just before bedtime and then proceeded to wipe it all onto her pillowcase. Pretty sure it will stay put if you dont go rub your face into the bedpillows.

Stupid. But then again, in the US you can sue for anything with a chance of gaining something.