Digging out the miracle.

I’m pissed off. And I can’t tell you exactly what I’m pissed about. But it’s just so infuriating to me, when something really bad happens, and the religious try to find some way in which a horrible event is a blessing in some convoluted way, or a miracle can be gleaned out of a totally disasterous chain of events that are in fact just downright kak. It directly insults those affected by tragedy, and their loved ones. Who happen to be my loved ones, suffering anger and resentment because of pure ignorance. It gives people false hope and then shatters it time after time. It drives them to so much foolery. And I can’t help but stand by helpless. Too timid(?) to actually say what’s on my mind. Perhaps the only person around grasping that the gravity of the situation defies petty argumentation. This is life and death, and I have to watch the circus that unfolds around it, so-called miracles and graces, futile clinging to hope when the experts have had their say and given the direst of verdicts.

I want to smack people and shout it down their throats: “YOUR LOVED ONE IS DYING! STOP FAFFING AROUND AND PAY SOME ATTENTION!” - with suitable PG18 modifications, of course.

Religion gives us relief from the terrible burden death? No, being faced with such a situation, and observing the effects, I can say it makes matters far, far worse.

Normally I find this stuff mildly amusing, somewhat harmless even. But I don’t think it’s funny to me anymore. Religion must die. Period.

I think I need to have a chat with my parents…

False hope is much worse than no hope. No hope sooner or later makes way for new hope; false hope inevitably ends in bitter disappointment. Religion is the poster child for false hope.


Good luck with that.

I feel for you. I had to physically remove “close” family members from my property 18 months ago because they came with the intention of “laying hands” on my seriously ill cancer ridden mother - whilst I couldnt care a hoot about the prayers or even the ceremony, they also insisted she stop the chemo because after they’re done, she would be healed. I also had to threaten another aunt with a protection order should she contact my mother - she again is a homeopaths wet dream. Also came with the crap that my mom should stop the chemo in favour of her muti. And of-course, my mother is one of those people that BELIEVES.

Good luck, its all I can offer from my side. There will be some enemies made.

good luck with coming out. you will feel lighter for it.

Thanks all, I almost posted that and felt sorry immediately after, but I know a visit is coming up this w/e, I feel resolved now.

homeopaths wet dream