Display Name Change

In case it isn’t totally obvious, I’ve decided to change my display name from “Anacoluthon64” to “Mefiante.” It’s a change I had been contemplating for some time already, mostly because of the tortuous awkwardness of my original moniker de plume (or de guerre, as some would surely have it). It was this post that gave the final quota of impetus that made me take the plunge.

I will, however, continue to sign my posts as ever.


Well, er … welcome then! … your still a girl, right? ;D


Merci. C’est ça, au tout des faits. :wink:


Good bye 'Luthon64. Hello Mefiante.

Bonjour Mefiante, bienvenue à nouveau.

… and no, I don’t actually speak French, which is probably evident from the BabelFish hackjob above. :-\

I googled it:

méfiant (adj.)distrustful, leery, mistrustful, suspicious, untrusting, wary

nice :wink:

I also googled the 'luthon one back then. It left me flabergasted :o

What did we do before google again?

Quite. “Bienvenue aux nouveaux” (welcome to the newbies) is what I suspect you had in mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Made up any old thing and tried to convince everyone else it was true? Oh, wait… ::slight_smile:


he he

more proof Google is God

Well… that was fun!! ;D