Diwali - Practise your religion in private!

Deepavali or Diwali is supposed to be the festival of light, not the festival of the Big Bang!

Have King Rama and Guru Hargobind Ji gone blind? Maybe they cannot see the candles pointing their way home or perhaps they have run away from all this noise like thousands of dogs will tonight!

It might sound like I am intolerant to religion, and maybe it’s true, but my animals cannot understand what’s going on! There are so many beautiful fireworks on the market that does not make that much noise; Why not use them instead? What ever happened to lighting candles?

Perhaps it’s not a problem in other parts of South Africa, but explosions have polluted the air since about 13:00, and will continue until after midnight. I have personally lost a few of my dogs in the past and have seen injured cats and dogs caused by fireworks and people tying crackers to their tails.

Stop cruelty to animals. Practise your religion in private! (And light a frickin candle during Diwali like you’re supposed to!)