DNA Activations and Lightworkers

Did anyone else hear the 5FM Mind your own business plug 15h55 27-08-2009.
Someone plugging an organization in SA called Lightworks - I did not catch it all, but she said that they do DNA activation, bringing greater frequency alignment, spiritual energy, and they also do crano-sacral therapy, and crystal alignment. She had a full minute to plug this stuff.

I had a look to see if I could find their website - I thought it may be www.lightworks.co.za, but I think it is more likely to be: http://www.spiritpathways.co.za

I had never heard of DNA activation - clearly a new kind of scam, but the novelty of it struck me.
Here is the section on that specific notion http://www.spiritpathways.co.za/DNA12.html

I see quite conveniently, that on the Services page, this activation can be done just by paying the cash

“An activation process is facilitated by Kate, working directly with your Higher Self and our Creator.
A session can be done one-on-one or long distance and lasts approximately 45 minutes. The cost of a session is 120 US dollars.” http://www.spiritpathways.co.za/dnaact.html

The strategy reminds me of that employed by some new virus and malware writers, called goad to purchase - where a machine is infected by a rogue program, espousing warnings of “possible infection”, this same app masquerades as an Antivirus package and promises to get rid of the detected “problems” for about $79 US - convenient payment process emblazoned along the bottom.

As I sat slackjawwed in the car, listening to this on national radio, I wondered what I, or we as skeptics could do about it?

I recently listened to a Skepticality podcast (http://www.skepticality.com/p_listentopast.php) about Skeptical activism, and I think in the same show, a comment by Swoopy (the narator of the podcast) talking about the increased visibility of woo in the media, and their access to so many more new media channels for the spread of their “services” - - yeah, services - like when your house gets serviced by those folk who relieve you of all that unnecessary clutter called your stuff. Well, case in point - a woo seller, given access to a national medium. Even if she gets a 3% success rate, at $120 a pop, well… there’s a sucker born everyday! (I may be flagrantly plagiarising, and simultaneously corrupting an original statement by Henry Ford - I think)

I doubt if we would get any joy by emailing 5FM - the show is to plug your business - clearly they dont want to put off prospective applicants, and a screening process would entail a lot more admin, and my list of doubts goes on…

I suppose my question to my venerable fellow forum posters, is this - built into the woo machine, and religions for that matter, is the activity of self promotion. This seems to be an effective survival strategy (as far as they could be conceptualised as a meme, interested in its propagation and survival), what is the survival and propagation strategy of the scientific movement (skepticism in general)?

Do we have a strategy for presenting an alternative view, should we detect woo in the media, or in daily life?

Do we have a strategy for presenting on alternative view, should we detect woo in the media, or in daily life?

How far you want to go mostly depends on an individual’s enthusiasm and passion for his philosophy. I count myself amongst, I suspect, a small majority who are content to shake their heads disbelievingly at fanciful notions, but at least try to instill reason in their immediate sphere of influence: their kids, friends and family (easier said than done!).

Some others are more dedicated, or - correction - more active, and start up websites (such as this forum). Also at least one cat here has participated on radio where he provided a breath of fresh air in the gagging swamps of woo.

Then of course there are the Randi’s an Dawkinses of the world that make enquiry into the untestable a major ambition, using creative resources of their own.

I suppose as a minimum, and individual must learn to complain without fail using the channels already available, such as the BCCSA.


I wonder if DNA activation hurts, except obviously for the pain in your wallet.
I know nothing more about DNA than what I picked up in between typical distractions in biology class, so please allow this very elementary question.
Say I build a house, and then decide while I build that I would rather have a shower in my bathroom, than the bath which is in the blueprint. I will then either erase the bath from the blueprint and add a shower, or I would completely redo the blueprint, or I would just draw a shower over the existing bath with a thick dark pen. Which process is used by DNA? Is junk DNA not the bits which are not useful anymore, e.g. to determine the colour of our tails? If this is true, will more junk DNA then mean that specific organism took a more scenic route through evolution than an orgnism with less junk DNA?