DNS problems

What’s up with all the DNS issues today? Earlier I couldn’t even get an IP address, been trying various internet connections.

What’s DNS? :-\

Domain name server. It’s what translates a domain name like skeptic.za.org into an IP address like For an illustration got to Start >> Run and type cmd, then click OK. In the black window which appears type ping skeptic.za.org and press enter.

Yup I had lots of problems too. Good to see the site is back.

Thanks. Mine seems to be fine, but then again I’m not online so often so I probably missed it.


Ah, so tyler needs to get more nameservers.

BTW is there an alternate domain name I can use to access this forum? I’m hoping to bypass the proxy at work.

No, and it will depend on the proxy if that will even work. Why do you want to bypass the proxy? Is the site blocked?

Yeah some stupid Websense thing, it calls us occult or some such. (wtf!!) It allows access to the main page but doesn’t seem to like the “forum” in the subdomain.

It’s OK I use my 3G, but when I do I have to disable the LAN so my VOIP cuts out and I can’t take calls.

The forum seems much more responsive – for now. Let’s hope it lasts.

On the blocking-spam-and-websites-at-work front, a concern I worked for some years ago used a product called “MailMarshal” and a partner product thereof called “WebMarshal.” Besides those tacky names being a source of mild irritation, upon its initial deployment this marvel of intelligent software design automatically blocked a wide array of useful sites, including Google, JREF and Wikipedia. Not being familiar with the software’s configuration, I can only surmise that it was deployed with its default settings. If that is correct, I further surmise that its designers were direct bloodline descendants of none other than arch-reformer John Calvin himself. As it turns out, the WebMarshal filter was reacting to the “goo” in Google’s, the “randi” in the JREF’s, and the “ped” in Wikipedia’s URLs, blocking each of them on the “disallow pornography” rule.


Yeah, looking good so far.

This web filtering irritates me. I can understand bandwidth issues, block large files and streaming media by all means, images even if necessary, but why block plain HTML?

I have been experiencing access problems with this forum and others for about three weeks now. I thought it had to do with the Seacom cable being out of order. I’m on mweb and they have a particularly high exposure to Seacom. Does the forum somehow interact internationally for local users?

Servers were in UK last I checked. Shouldn’t effect DNS though.

Start? Run? Gee, my computer aint got that stuff.

What system are you running?

Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)

Ha, doubt you need my support then. I’m betting you can find the shell on your own. :wink:

Yes, but it’s much more complicated: click Applications, then Accessories, then Terminal. No wonder Windows people can’t get their heads around it.

If I remember correctly there should be an even simpler way. Ctrl+Alt and one of the function keys?

alt-F2 opens a CLI, but it’s not a fully-fledged terminal. F12 opens Guake terminal, if that’s what you like using.