Do I Really Give a $#!+?

As soon as thirteen (or more) votes have been cast, I’ll take the consensus as conclusive.

Now, why thirteen?

From what I have seen a bit of an over reaction?

Why would you care if others want you around or not as long as you are having fun? I don’t know if there is a history behind this or something I am not grasping but from what I have seen, I must say I enjoy your charm and wit. :smiley: [I voted accordingly]

In the myriad of posts mechanist post recently I was the one pushing the envelope (in one thread) to see what I could get away with here and was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a bit of a slap on the wrist and (if you noticed his weaseling) so was mechanist :stuck_out_tongue: (don’t worry Mr Admin, I know how to behave as well as I know how to push the rules and even break them when I think necessary - and of course I’ll accept any rebuke and or punishment which may result due to my antics)

Were you justified in making multiple cross posts? I believe so yes. Was the admin within his rights to point that out? Obviously. If that is the only reason for this thread, I stand by my over reaction impression.

Otherwise I am curious and while we wait for the baker’s dozen, you may enlighten us?

Maybe, but it’s really simple. I’m totally new to this foruming shtick. If my contributions are thought to be kak or - worse - indifferent, I have several other, at least equally satisfying pursuits. What I won’t do is tap around in the dark and hope I don’t bash my head or shins on something. It’s about direction not affirmation.

Thirteen leaves a remainder of one when divided by three. It’s an adequate sample size for something like this. And it’s a number with mystical properties… :wink:

That explains it. Now newbie, let me dispatch some wisdom for you… or no, rather stick around and learn for yourself ;D It is a gratifying endeavor but mostly thankless. Don’t expect too many people to sing your praises. Those who agree with you will be the least of your worries anyway.

I stay stick with it as long as you enjoy it, screw what others think.

If my contributions are thought to be kak or - worse - indifferent, I have several other, at least equally satisfying pursuits.
Not everything you say is going to be astounding and amazing. What I have seen so far, I have zero complaints with. Those who do have problems, will voice them. That is the nature of this beast. I have learned even from the likes of mechanist and ultimately that is the goal. Only you can determine how valuable your contributions will be. (If all of that sounds flaky, I apologise, it is nevertheless spot on)
Thirteen leaves a remainder of one when divided by three. It's an adequate sample size for something like this. And it's a number with mystical properties... ;)
You meant it as a serious question? ;) The mystical I thought of. So put me down for one out of three.

Which is clear to anyone who has looked closely and thought about it for even a second. You’ve got my favourable vote, not that it was ever touch-and-go.


Oh my gosh Irreverend! At first I was puzzled when I saw this weird poll, but I guess this sort of reaction is strangely in line with the passionate and witty style of your posts, which are very enjoyable. Two thumbs up!

Administrative rebukes are part of the game. That’s what the moderators don’t get paid for. And woo-woo-nut battlescars are admired by those in the know.

I definitely don’t come here just to see people agreeing with each other. You will be missed if you decide to leave. So my vote is: Suck it up and give 'em hell!


I hope you stick around, Irreverend, I enjoy your posts and to be honest I probably would have posted the same thing you did too. Mechanist’s cut and paste jobbies (can’t help thinking of Billy Connolly when I see that word ;D )do get annoying, so yeah, I would have done the same.

As for being new to the forum - we were all newbies once, I still think of myself as a newbie. I don’t post much and I don’t get into debates I don’t know anything about - which is quite a lot - but I do learn a lot from the regulars.

So, I vote for you to stay. Ooooh and I was the 7th vote, could that possibly mean anything - especially on a Special Day like today ;D


Well said Michelle, I feel exactly the same.
Irreverend it sitting on 62 odd posts, I would exactly call that ‘Newbie’ - I am guessing it is all relative?

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. :slight_smile:

@ Mintaka: Fair enough, though for it all to work properly assumes that contributors agree to stick to some basic rules of debate. E.g. goalpost-shifting and bullet-dodging are no-no’s in my view and should be loudly scoffed at when spotted.

Getting kakked on by mods is part of forum life. At least here there is a nice Flame Wars section for those of us, like me, who are antisocial and naturally rude. :wink:

I’m also a n00b here, but I’ll stick my neck out and say “Please Stay”.

Oh I agree absolutely on this particular point. I’d much rather see strenuous modding on this kind of nonsense than even direct insults and add homms.

I was a member of for a while and anything was allowed, except the bullshit. It was a really sweet forum in its day.

I agree. No need to leave :wink:
I could have let the slightly off topic question slide - but the double posting is something I detest. I would have said something no matter who it was.

I try to keep moderation to a minimum and I think it is really up to other members to make sure goal-shifters don’t get away with it.
Insulting members and ad hominem is something I can’t allow outside of the flame wars section. It might be entertaining, but ultimately detrimental to one of the main goals of the forum - to separate sense from nonsense.

Well, 13-love in favor that I can continue posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that settles it then (even if I did vote like everyone else). Thanks to all who voted. I won’t close the poll - not that it’ll change anything now.