So what is your personal opinion of dreams?

I call them “mind-dumps”, basically a reflection of what happened during your waking hours, events, thoughts, emotions, that get discarded whilst you sleep. Sometimes we can associate our dreams with what had happened the previous day and often we wake up with a “solution” to what might have worried us. Then you get the plain weird dreams, like one I had over the week-end - I was looking at a multi-coloured (red, pink, blue and grey) lizard about the size of a cat (it was a bearded dragon - but I seriously doubt you get them that size in real life), and I was amazed at the beauty of this animal when suddenly it just turned and went for my throat, I woke up screaming - it was a perfectly pleasant dream until this happened and I scared the living shits out of the b/f. I cannot associate this dream with anything current in my life.

Tell us about your weird dreams, and what they mean to you personally?

I think dreams are an artefact of the brain’s struggle to file away the day’s more affective events and to reconcile them with prior knowledge and experience.

In short, dreams = cognitive hysteresis.


The most fascinating point of any dream, is how the progression of events usually seems logical from within the dream, regardless of how crazy they seem in retrospect. This essentially is illustrated in that you are seldom confused by the events of a dream unless the dream specifically focuses upon your confusion. This could possibly be due to cohesion in the memory or thought fragments from which the dream is composed or simply due to some form of sub-conscious rationalisation or instinctual assumption, on the part of your brain, that any experience or brain activity is logically justified or completely rational. (I’m tired from a day at university so excuse strange or incoherent ideas).

Dreaming seems to largely be a jumble of images or ideas that are thrown up by the sub-conscious during particular sleep stages. During this process you often experience things within the dream that you have only considered in real life, these experiences are formulated through residual fragments of memory, thought and experience, often these are associated with pressing thoughts or demanding experiences within life, more often, they simply seem to be randomly dredged from within your mind and whatever weird stuff lurks in your sub-conscious.

Dreams are quite funky. I have had a few lucid ones, in two recently I had to pinch myself to find out I am sleeping. I always thought that was just something people say.

I remember suddenly thinking this can’t possibly be real and then tried to pinch my arm. It went all woolly and I couldn’t feel anything, then I knew I was dreaming. Totally weird.

In one I woke up but in the other one I went into a kind of loop, willing myself to wake up. I’d throw the duvet off, jump up and start walking to the bathroom. Only to realise I am still in bed sleeping. And then doing it again. Totally freaked me out. But fun afterwards. :smiley:

Dreams cam be weired. I cant believe that I can dream such trash. Like going after someone I never met in my life and the strangest thing of all is that this person is not even minding of what we are doing it seems that they enjoy same sex stories. I will kill myself if I have to do something like this in real life. Weddings and funarals and back at school.

It feels weird to see your own funeral and grave the only thing you dont see is the date of death. Otherwise every thing is so crystal clear as if it is real