Drink responsibly

As the owners of Shongweni Brewery Pty Ltd and brewers of Robson’s Real Beers, we have embarked on a mission! My son Donn and a few other international sports persons have decided to undertake a bicycle trip from Durban to Cape Town (Donn has never ridden further than a few K’s in his life but he’s pretty fit as a water polo player); they aim to transport a special double IPA I will brew for them to hand over at the Cape Town Festival of Beer towards the end of November. The theme and message is “Drink Responsibly” which may seem somewhat odd but it has hit the right note with the Liquor Boards and with SAB-Miller who have decided to sponsor the expedition, as has SMG BMW, and a few other companies. According to SAB we are the 1st micro-brewery to promote responsible drinking (whatever that may mean ;D). We hope to get some TV coverage as well.

Responsible drinking: Get so drunk that you cannot even find your car, or pass out before you can start it. >:D

What distance are they cycling per day … I would guess 80km is doable for a non-cyclist? But then again, carting a pallet of bitter along might have hindered even the likes of Eddy Merckx.

Incidentally, I’m yet to sample this much heralded brew, and have been keeping an eye out for it at our local Tops stores ever since, with no success. What gives?


i think I asked you before Rigil: where you at?

I drink very responsible. Only one drink but that change me into sombody else and that guy drink like a fish. Not really. I can just drink one, after that I my balance is gone and I want to fall over.

Eastern Cape. I can easily go into PE if they stock it there, but not by bicycle! ;D


OK our distributor Flare Beverages is in Cape Town. Give Nico a call if you wish @ 0833816869. I don’t think they’ve got as far as PE. Alternatively I can courier a couple of boxes down to you. I sell the 550ml btls @ R20 each and have a Durban Pale Ale @ 5.7% ABV (only beer in Africa to be listed in world top 500 beers …actually rated # 74); East Coast Ale @ 4%ABV; a West Coast Ale @ 5%ABV and a Pilsner (lager type) & 4%ABV. ;D

Good - I go to Cape Town once in a while. Failing that, I’ll sent you a pm with further details.


OK so they’re into day 3 nearing Matatiele with millions of hills to climb: 5FM, East Coast Radio etc following the expedition: SMS Robson’s to 38232 for a donation of R10 to support SA against Drunk Drivers