Epic Fail...on who'se behalf?

The other day I browsing through the interwebs and I somehow found myself on an atheist dating website. Quite surprised atht there is such a thing (and internally very chuffed) I decidedto test it on a whim. Result: NO MATCHES FOUND. Really? You mean to tell me that there are NO single non-smoking atheists between 30 and 40, with no kids in Johannesburg? Really?

Time I guess to tattoo Spinster on my forehead and to go home to my cats and empty the liquor cabinet :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, it is an international site and the single atheists in South Africa still need to discover it.

This leads to next thought. Unlike religious groups we don’t really have “gatherings” do we? So beside on forums, how do like minded atheists meet?

There’s Skeptics in the Pub on this forum if you’re interested.

You can always use the normal online dating sites and specify that you’re non religious and is non-negotiable on being matched with a likeminded male in jhb. I had several dates that way back in my single days.

Skeptics in the pub. Sounds like a good idea.

I actuallly did try the regular dating sites, with disastrous results. I seem to attract all the dodgy types who somehow ignore the non-negotiables. But not overly concerned about being single actually :wink: Friends are much more important and stick around. Just curious about dating site demographics in this country.

I’m bound to be blindsided by an anecdote proving me wrong, but hey I make a hobby of putting my foot in it anyway…

I think going anywhere specifically looking for a good partner is bound to end badly.

To me meeting “Person Right” is usually accomplished through absolute fluke. You just can’t plan that shit. I idly walked into a AD&D session one sunday and by absolute coincidence met Mrs Boogie. I wasn’t so keen on the AD&D, I was just visiting, but that’s how a legend got started:
“Hey you think YOU are a geek, Boogie met his girl AT D&D!!!”

Somehow the general populace think that clubs and bars are places to meet people? Have you SEEN the people who hit on women in clubs?! They scream desperation and creepy-ness. I feel the need to use hand-sanitizer in their general vicinity. And I’m just a guy observing the other male-types in the club. I can image how women must feel with these creeps around obviously ogling them. Ew.

Similarly, I don’t think you’ll often find worthwhile people on a dating site. IMHO, YMMV.

I too had bad experiences on dating sites. Met some real doozies, then ended up being seduced by the bokkie who moved in down the street. We’ve been together for nearly 13 years now…very happy.

Hahaha! My dearest darling friend met his now wife at a D&D/gaming stand during O-Week at UCT. He claims the cleavage attracted him :wink: And this now made me realise how much I miss D&D…

I totally agree, clubs are heinous. Meat markets as far as I’m concerned. Unts unts all the way. The only decent clubs in Jozi closed down or got taken over by emos (or maybe I’m getting old and cranky).

I did meet a few interseting people over a period of 6 months on a dating site, but just as mates.

I just want to meet interested like-minded people. That’s why I’m here ;D

ended up being seduced by the bokkie who moved in down the street

Does she know you call her bokkie? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ja, well, she introduces me to other people as her ‘skrik.’

Edit: Must be careful. She lurks here somtimes. Scallywag? Are you there?

Hahah! Fair’s Fair in the world of nicknames.

I only met my S/O because I crashed my bike. Nothing more intimate than riding pillion with a strange guy whose name you dont even know (but hey, I got home). The V-Twin did enhance the attraction though. :wink:

That’s very cool :slight_smile:

LOLOLOLOLOL! Good vibrations?

I’m not in touch with pop culture. Can someone explain to me what D&D stands for? :slight_smile:

D&D = Dungeons & Dragons, an activity that tends to piss off religious fundies rather strongly, especially Christian ones, and so is a very fine way for irreligious sceptics to spend their free time.


Drinking & Driving.


Ah, I see. I have heard of it (I’m not THAT out of touch with pop culture) but have never played it, nor have I more than a most rudimentary idea of how it works. Thus, bachelor or not, I’d rather not flirt with Gerlinde, but perhaps we’ll finally meet thirty years from now at a Bingo game. :slight_smile:

It works? ???

I see your awkard geeks and raise you Vin Diesel.

  • I still don’t like D&D but I’m now forever linked to it. :wink:


I am currently the proud owner of a 50% share in not one, but two eating establishments. Maybe we could line something up. (Gauteng)