error when posting (with images?)

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘TwitterException’ with message ‘Timestamp out of bounds’ in
/path/Sources/twitter/twitter.class.php:235 Stack trace: #0
/path/Sources/twitter/twitter.class.php(105): Twitter->request(‘statuses/update’, Array) #1
/path/Sources/status.php(70): Twitter->send(‘gothcatgirl pos…’) #2
/path/Sources/status.php(120): post_twitter_status() #3
/path/Sources/Subs-Post.php(1706): post_status(‘gothcatgirl pos…’) #4
/path/Sources/Post.php(1671): createPost(20890) #5
/path/index.php(145): Post2(Array, Array, Array) #6 {main} thrown in
/path/Sources/twitter/twitter.class.php on line 235

Got this too earlier today, twice so far. In both cases, the post did go through the first time but only displayed after a page refresh.

It seems to be that the forum clock is unsynched with Twitter’s clock.


me too!

Still doing it, and my previous post to this thread didnt go through…

Seems to be ok now - let me know if it happens again…