Eternal Life and Heaven

I was a church-going Pentecostal/Charismatic for 30+yrs. I sat in churches every sunday. I was worship leader for 25+ yrs in my church and I know the Bible, heard every teaching, attended Bible School, seminars and conferences etc.

Been there done that! Got the T-shirt.

Then in 2005 I cried out to God in desperation saying “God! there are things they are not telling and teaching us! I need to know what it is! Show me”

And in the last 3 yrs God began to reveal these things to me. I discovered why the church of today is deceiving humanity by teaching half-truths and deceptions.

In the first 3 centuries the Early church taught the doctrine of Universal Salvation. it states that All Souls will be reconciled with God one day. This is mentioned in the letters of the Early Church Fathers. The Jerome appeared on the scene and invented a new doctrine - Eternal Hell. He translated the Septuagint into Latin Called the Vulgate and removed the references of this doctrine. Then he used the Vulgate (Latin Bible translations) and spread it across the Roman Empire and thus introduced his Doctrine which is still being taught today. No longer do we find references of the doctrine of Universal Salvation in the letters of the Early Churh fathers after the 4th century.

There is a book called “The Jerome Conspiracy” which you can look up on Google that tells you the story.

Jesus used the Phrase Aeonois Kolasis, when He spoke of hell. It is derived from the greek word Aeon, which is an AGE and is temporary - never eternal. Kolasis implies purification. Perhaps you just need to order the book rather. Its truly an eye-opener to see how this Bible of ours was tampered with and modified by the Councils of Constantine to suit their political agenda of deception and control. And to think for 30 yrs I believed that the Bible was the True Perfect Word of God??? How shaken I was when I discovered how they butchered the Bible. Bart Ehrman wrote a book on this called “Misquoting Jesus…” - The story of how and why they changed the Bible.

Another doctrine that the Roman Church abandoned was the Doctrine of Reincarnation. It was commonplace in the Early Church. Only in 553CE did the Councils decide to abolish this doctrine and teach people that you ony get one change to get it right with God.

Jesus clearly stated we must be born again, and again and again, implying reincarnation. He even asked his disciples “Who do I say I am?” And they replied that people thought He was the reincarnation of Elijah! Reincarnation is not some dodgy Eastern Buddhist belief! It was part of the Early Church for 5 Centuries. Clement and Origin of Alexandria (Early Church Fathers!) wrote numerous books on this, explaining how this doctrine works. But the councils finally opposed and discarded this teaching.

So what do we make of Christianity today? I follow the Teachings of Jesus - not the church. There is much Truth to be restored, but we need to give up our old wineskins, mindsets and brainwashed ideas of who God is, who Jesus is and this faith we call Christianity.

Jesus and the OT prophets knew some things that we do not know. I discovered what it is and my guess is we need to dig into it and start learning it.

This stuff I discovered blew me away and opened my eyes. I discovered Jesus and His followers knew the Tree of Life.And that the Bible, especially the Old Testament is riddled with references to the Tree of Life. Yet the Church was quick to discard it and hide it from the people, forbidding people to study, read and write.



I had to change my mindsets about the Bible being the total and complete Word of God. This was a hard thing for me to do, but it was necessary as things were revealed to me that shook the very foundations of my faith.

I began to understand that the Bible was tampered with and modified by the Councils of Constantine. So I could not expect to find traces of the original form of Christianity in the Gospels. But many books wee left out. Some were burnt in their attempt to remove them from the scene totally. Some were hidden and rediscovered. The Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi gives us some indication of the beliefs being practised by the Early Church before Constantine arrived on the scene.

Then it is also important to understand that each of us are on our own journey. We each have our own truth. We each seek the truth according to our own capacity to understand and believe. My revelation may not be the same as your revelation. You may need to do your own seeking and digging as I did too. My journey took me to other books and studies outside the Gospels and the Bible and Christian mindsets of today. Reincarnation does not have a place in the Christianity of today.

Reincarnation in Judaism

The Hebrew word for reincarnation, gilgul, comes from a verb meaning “turning in a circle.” It speaks of the cyclic nature of life, the seasons, life in birth and death, years, months and weeks. The next scripture clearly asserts the existence of at least this soul prior to being placed in the womb.

The word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:4-5, NIV

Solomon tells us in the following passage that if we do evil deeds in this life, we will have to reap the effects in our next incarnation. It is clear in this passage that Solomon believed in reincarnation. Having forsaken the law, these ungodly men will be reborn in another life to inherit their curse.

Woe be unto you, ungodly men, which have forsaken the law of the most high God: for if you increase it shall be to your destruction. And if you be born, you shall be born to a curse… Ecclesiasticus 41:8-9, KJV, 1611 Edition, Apocrypha

Going back to the time of Christ we do not have to look far to discover a large cheering section for the doctrine of rebirth among the orthodox Jewish leaders of that period. There are three learned Jewish philosophers appearing just before or at the time of Christ who taught the doctrine of reincarnation. They were Philo Judaeus, aka Philo of Alexandria, C. 20 B.C.E.- C. 50 C.E., who was the greatest Jewish philosopher and theologian of the Greco-Roman period whose writings have survived; the Jewish sage Hillel, the great Chaldean teacher who was the leading Pharisee in Jerusalem during the late 1st century B.C.E. and early years of the present era; and the great Jewish sage Jehoshuah ben Pandira. Today these three men are household names in Judaism and garner enormous respect from all orthodox Jews regardless of sect. They are prominent fixtures in Jewish religious history and they all taught the doctrine of reincarnation.

Hebrew theology was divided into three aspects which are the law, the soul of the law and the soul of the soul of the law. The law was taught to every Jew; the soul of the law, or Mishna, was revealed to Rabbis; while the soul of the soul of the law, the Kabbalah, was revealed only to the highest initiates.The Qaballah is the secret part of their Jewish faith which was never revealed or preached to the masses. The masses simply did not have the capacity to understand and believe these hidden mysteries of God.

The three greatest books of Kabbalism are the Sepher Yetzirah, The Book of Formation; the Sepher ha Zohar, The Book of Splendor; and the Apocalypse, The Book of Revelation. The following is a quote from the Sephar ha Zohar. Within the realm of Judaism the doctrine of reincarnation is understood and taught, as to people who are spiritually mature enough to comprehend it.

The souls must re-enter the Absolute, from whence they have emerged. But to accomplish this end they must develop the perfections; the germ of which is planted in them. And if they have not developed these traits in this one life, then they must commence another, a third, and so forth. They must go on like this until they acquire the condition that allows them to associate again with God. The Zohar

The “germ” that is planted in them which leads to the “perfections” is the I AM; it is our oneness in Christ.



Origen, the bishop of Alexandria, one of Christianity’s greatest systematic theologians, was a believer in reincarnation.

Origen was a person devoted to scriptural authority, a scourge to the enemies of the church, and a martyr for the faith. He was the spiritual teacher of a large and grateful posterity and yet his teachings were declared heresy in 553. The debates and controversies that flared up around his teachings are in fact the record of reincarnation in the church. Clement the former bishop of Alexandria tells us that humanity is “of celestial birth, being a plant of heavenly origin.” Origen taught that man, having been made after the “image and likeness of God,” has “a kind of blood-relationship with God.”

While Clement and Origen were teaching in Alexandria, another group of Church Fathers was developing a countertheology. They rejected the Greek concept of the soul in favor of a new and unheard of idea: The soul is not a part of the spiritual world at all; but, like the body, it is part of the mutable material world. They based their theology on the changeability of the soul. How could the soul be divine and immortal, they asked, if it is capable of changing, falling and sinning? Because it is capable of change, they reasoned, it cannot be like God, who is unchangeable. Origen took up the problem of the soul’s changeability but came up with a different solution. He suggested that the soul was created immortal and that even though it fell (for which he suggests various reasons), it still has the power to restore itself to its original state.

For him the soul is poised between spirit and matter and can choose union with either: “The will of this soul is something intermediate between the flesh and the spirit, undoubtedly serving and obeying one of the two, whichever it has chosen to obey.” If the soul chooses to join with spirit, Origen wrote, “the spirit will become one with it.” The Church today still teaches that the soul is created at the same time as the body and therefore the soul and the body are a unit. From 250 to 550 AD this controversy raged in the early church. Eventually the doctrine of reincarnation, and the teachings of Origen were declared heresy. At the 5th Fifth Ecumenical Council the matter was finally closed for discussion in 553 CE. It was no longer taught in or by the church. The issue caused huge division in the early forming Roman Catholic church and it took a long time for the wounds to heal.

As Job, I believe God brings us back from the afterlife to experience life again, so we can continue on our journey towards Unity with God

Job 33:29 Lo, all these things God does two or three times with a man,
Job 33:30 to bring back his soul from the Pit, to be lighted with the light of the living.

Have a look at

as well as

Remember that Clement was a disciple of the apostle John, and Origin was a disciple of Clement.



Sounds similar to my religious background. I started out in a conservative church until confirmation, stopped going for a while, then joined a more “lively” church.

This is where I was introduced to Christian Apologetics and started to ask the “wrong” questions. I soon found out that these arguments don’t hold up, once properly analyzed.

The very first time I questioned my faith was when someone told me: “See! It’s the year x after Christ - proof that Jesus is real.” I thought to myself: how did you come up with that? Why did you question whether Jesus was real? I knew that his statement was BS, since Anno Domini was used from 1582 when the Gregorian Calender replaced the Julian Calendar.

Now, years later, I cannot find one shred of evidence that Jesus ever existed, nor anything that can confirm the authenticity of the Bible.

People like to point to Josephus, but it is accepted amongst scholars that his reference to “The Christ” was inserted much later.