Facebook scam

“Face book is giving two cars away. To enter 1: Like this. 2: Share it with your friends. 3: Pick the color you would like.” Or the post runs something like this with pictures of said car. It is obviously a scam to get you to like and share it, but what is the scam? Do you get malware by liking and sharing?

Answer in the form of a question: What car was it?

Might not be a scam at all; perhaps just one of those things a drunken student came up with to see how many people would fall for it.

I’ve seen it for Merc, Volvo, BMW and so on. Tried now to get one to post a screenshot on, but they all disappeared. Google a bit and this came up http://www.kullin.net/2013/11/bmw-giveaway-brand-new-bmw-m5-facebook/

I sometimes wonder whether Facebook isn’t in itself a scam… :slight_smile:

Got one again. So what’s the scam?

Did you go to that “autocars” page? What is it?

Looks to me like someone fishing for free likes to their business web-page. Trying to boost their rankings maybe?

Failing that, prob. just someone trying to troll.

No, just on one of my “friend’s” posts. They of course say red or whatever and share it.

That Denise! Said she went to a rehearsal of the Amateur Dramatic Society and all the while she was drinking beer with that scoundrel Donovan!