“For Entertainment Only” – UK Psychics, Fortune-tellers, Mystics, Etc.

Recently, the UK enacted a new consumer protection bill into law. The bill aims, inter alia, to protect consumers from misleading claims made by members of the usual rogues’ gallery of woo-woo charlatans, in particular various self-styled psychics, astrologers, mediums, clairvoyants, angel readers and so on, who will be required to inform their clients that their claims are unverified and, as such, have only entertainment value.

Notably, the bill does not encompass alternative medicine practices or religion, both of which could do with a bit of provocation in this vein.

While such legislation seems on the whole beneficial, it would be even better if people were able to recognise these hucksters off their own bat instead of relying on the authorities to tell them to be cautious. Perhaps this law is the first step towards inculcating a more critical attitude in the general populace, but only time will tell. Also, it would be good if South African authorities followed suit because such legislation seems even more urgent and necessary here where people are being taken for a ride every day.


Yeah, would be great to have similar legislation for SA. It is too easy for fraudsters to make money from the ignorance of people.
But educating people about critically examining the services provided are much better in the long run. I don’t really see how you can adequately enforce such laws anyway - especially not here in SA.