A Solar prominence. Definitely a cat

You’re better at pareidolia than me. To me it looks uncannily like a solar prominence.

In the bottom left you have a curling tail and he is rubbing his head on the sun towards the top.

hell tweefo. you have a very special imagination.

This cat could eat the earth and you lot can’t see it?

Lol, pareidolia is not a skeptic’s strong suit

Possibly we lack imagination? :confused:

This reminds me of a scene in a Tom Sharpe novel — Indecent Exposure, IIRC. The protagonist is taken to see a psychologist for an evaluation. The psychologist places a piece of paper with a black blob on it before the patient and asks him, “What do you see?”

The patient replies, “I see a Rorschach inkblot test.”



Hey that happened to me! ??? I had this serious job interview many years ago and having majored in Industrial Psychology (one of 3)I responded exactly like the above: Result? I didn’t get the job (wtf!!) Shows that one can sometimes be too clever!

Bet you they thought you were too “closed minded”.

Would you want to work for a company that thinks there’s any sort of value in that test? I went for a job where they did a graphology analysis of my handwriting. When I found out at the interview that they had done that I withdrew my application. Bosses that incompetent will only be trouble down the line.