freaky feelings

i went to the national war museum in johannesburg yesterday with my bf, to see tanks and earoplanes and all that funky stuff.
the second hall, covers the boer wars and the 1st ww.
now, i am as sceptical as anyone else here. but this is what transpired:

when i entered the hall, they have this huge display of gun, from lank old muskets, to more modern chainguns against the walls. on the inside parameter, they have photos and relics from the boer war. as i was looking and ooo-ing and aaah-ing, i started getting a very unsettling feeling. like, when your dad is in hospital for a serious heart op, and you are worrying if he’s going to make it.
at first, i had the distinct feeling that my ex might have met with some accident. he cycles and runs on the roads alot. then i suddenly had the urge to go home immediatly, coz i had the feeling that something had happended to one of my cats.
i kept on having this feeling of impending doom. when i tried to focus on the feeling, to identify it, like, for instance, if it were my cats that were in danger, it was as if my mind dismissed that it was in fact them. but something else instead.
the feeling actually made me quite irritable, and a was feeling very uneasy.
we proceeded to another hall, that had more uniforms and swords, then outside to the tanks and planes. by the we got outside, i was feeling my old self again.
from being unable to wait to get the hell out of there, and get home, to feeling chipper and quite happy to chill and hang around the museum.
this was, very, very bizarre. and last nite, as i was driving home, and reflecting back on it, i was starting to feel very tearfull.

what are the chances that i had a bit of a spychic moment?
my bf commented, that maybe, some of the items on display, could be from far-flung family. the only item that sticks in my mind, is an ancient box of matches that i looked at in a display case.

the creepiness of it all is fading. but i cant shake the feeling, that something was going down.
i generally have no time for war, but there was no bloody pics, or torn clothes to signify violence. and eventhough i am sensitive to others people’s emotions, i generally dont feel as affected by it, as to have this cloud of doom hanging over me.

any thoughts?

What did you have for breakfast? Generally whenever I feel freakish it is as a result of low blood sugar experienced in a cold and confined space. Freaks the hell out of me. Sorry, I don’t believe in ‘psychic moments’ :-\

i had avo on toast. and coffee and yoghurt. so healthy all round.
i am tough as hell, so often bull through maladies. that was not weird bowel or blood-sugar related, as i have experienced all and then some.
it was literally that sick feeling, when you are worried sick about something or someone, but i had nothing to worry about!
this feeling just suddenly came upon me for no reason.

Maybe a combination of unfamiliar territory and the knowledge that many of the exhibits are instruments of death and destruction, which factors gradually accumulated to produce a palpable sense of unease. This could have been aggravated by the quietness of the museum and perhaps caffeine, too.


Yep, sounds like paranoia to me! No more holy herb before you visit museums, and you should be ok

Don’t believe in psychic moments myself…HOWEVER the human brain is very susceptible to images/sounds/atmosphere etc that denote pain, suffering etc and if you are sensitive (which it seems you may be) it could have an effect…almost like watching a tearjerker movie but more real. I had a feeling of utter hatred after I visited the War Museum in Bloemfontein years ago…hatred for the British (I’m from Scottish descent) and especially General whathisname (Kitchener) who invented concentration camps etc. Even saw how they placed tiny glass pieces in sugar to kill off the women and children…18 000 died eventually from disease and starvation…so don’t knock the feelings you had…it’s very human and can be explained.

Brian is quite correct. We experience all kinds of emotions all the time, and they are triggered by all kinds of things. The guns and war memorabilia could have made you feel weird and freaky, as it is supposed to. All of us experience these things, but our interpretations differ. A person who believes in “psychic experiences” will interpret the feelings in that way, while a skeptic will view them more realistically.

How were your cats when you got home? Fine? How was your ex? Fine? Probably. But if something had happened to one of them that afternoon that would really have freaked you out. In reality these things are based on statistical probability and it’s when both the feeling and the event coincide that we get testimonies of “psychic events”. We, as skeptics, shrug these things off as coincidence because there is no way your cats or ex could have “transmitted” some kind of warning to you through your mind or emotions - it’s just not possible.

in retrospect, all this makes sense, in the moment, i was like ‘what the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!!’
cats all happy and fat and spoilt when i got home. the ex didnt die from a flesh-eating virus, alas.

..., alas


if you’ve ever been married to a narcissistic, passive aggressive, with borderline personality disorder, and a general fucking asshole. you will understand.

Pleased to hear the cat is fine.

Also happy about cats being OK. So… when are we going to go egg the shithead’s house?

Maybe you had a past-life memory moment, got yourself shot to pieces in some war or another… >:D

My boss is into the re-incarnation beliefs, went for hypnotic regression the lot. Weird shit what a mind can come up with.

im actually wanting to get to know sumone who can shoot a bow. he is staying in MY house, which has a thatch roof. well, its a rented house, but still. fucker.
im a scorpio lilli, and i have an active imagination. but im keeping the best laid plans till after the divorce is settled. i have some interresting pics to show his boss. vinyl stolen from the storerooms, reams of porn printed when he was working ‘overtime’. oh goody.

@ faerie - i have my moments of woo-woo-ness. i cant help feeling some fluffy feelings at the idea of re-incarnation. feeling very scottish at the moment. allso had moments of native american-ness, and indian-ness.
i honestly cant dismiss past lives or not, coz i simply dont know. so i guess im an agnostic reincarnator.
would be rad though. the scottishness could explain my kak temper…

I, too, have my wooy moments, and re-incarnation is such a nice notion, coming back and trying to do it again… well, who would’nt?

The boss tells me that you get to CHOOSE your life and you make a contract with other souls (erm?) as to what input or effect they will have in your life (which apparantly explains that feeling of meeting someone for the first time and feeling connected with them).

From a logical and thoroughly sceptical point of view, its a load of hogwash, but still…

when i moved to jozi about 6 years ago, i had the inkling to visit a spychic. he was a bit of a mind-fuck, as he managed to get loads of stuff right about my dad, but in retrospect, he could just have been using cold-reading. its too long ago to judge accurately now.
anyhows, he said pretty much the same, about souls making agreements beforehand, to influence each other’s lives. as lame is this sounds, this kind of thinking keeps me semi-sane. when i want to shit my best g-string at the thought of the sickly amounts of time and money i spent of my retard of an ex husband, for instance, it makes me feel better, to think that there was some kind of purpose, if only it is to steer me toward enlightenment, and teach me a life lesson.
this may be woo-woo to the max, but its better than macing the fucker and beating his head in with my shiny new baton.

in all honesty, i cant know what the real deal is. so im neither for or against.

Ladies, ladies, I sense a slight deterioration of critical thinking skills taking place betweeks the two of you.

Reincarnation…uuhh, NO.
Psychologist Robert Baker conducted an experiment to show the efficacy of PLR. The experiment demonstrated the subjects’ expectations significantly affect the outcome of the PLR session. He selected 3 groups of people and told the first group that they were to experience a new therapy that would help them reveal their previous lives. 85% in the group claimed they “remembered” a previous life. The second group was told that they were to go through a therapy session that could or could not help them remember a past life; 60% said they could “recollect” a past life. The last group was told that the therapy was ridiculous and that normal people didn’t generally have a past life experience. Only 10% said they had a “memory” from a past life.

Astrology…uuuhhh, NO.

But then again what do I know? Maybe the aliens implanted you gals with gullibility chips when they last ubducted you. Sorry to be a meany.

Nah, its just a nice thought, one of those things you can wrap a daydream around at the end of a really shitty day!!!

i choose to err on the side of seeing is believing. as yet, i have neither proof for or against, and even the most brilliant minds cannot say definitely this way or the other, i will keep my options open.
if, when one vreks, you are done, dusted, and there is only darkness. ag fuck, this would kinda suck.
if you can take your energy or soul or whathaveyou, and fly into space, yes please.
i dont know, and since i dont expect a white light when i croak, i think it only healthy to debate and let one’s mind run with it.

and i mean, bloody hell, you cant be skeptic about absolutely EVERYTHING. that just makes you a bitter old bal. a little bit of mystery of healthy methinks.
ironically enough, i think now of people who disbelieve the moonlandings, being roasted by this very forum. while there are enough evidence for and against.
i think, where there are no definite evidence for what it is or isnt, one can only offer opinions, and ideas. there isnt really a fact to argue.
its like arguing, how long is a piece of string? untill you have the string in your actual hand, with a proper ruler to measure it with, its all speculation.

There is? I was under the impression that the evidence in support of the landing is overwhelming. Which tidbit of evidence against the moon landing do you consider the most damning?