Frek you Resignation letters

Something I think we’d all love to do. He’s damn young (33) to commit career suicide - which is essentially the end result of his chosen manner of resignation. However, I have to admire the man for standing by his moral and ethical code. I’m also, oddly so, rather proud of the fact that he’s a South African born chap.

NEW YORK — Sometimes, giving two weeks' notice just isn't enough.

The Goldman Sachs muppet manifesto – a departing executive’s lengthy and very public screed against the company’s blind pursuit of profits – is only the latest example of taking bridge-burning to an art form.

Greg Smith wrote that he once had pride in his employer but had watched it decay into a “toxic and destructive” environment where little or no thought is given to clients, only how to “make the most possible money off of them.”

and the full printed resignation letter here:

But now there are reports that he himself is not a nice guy. Don’t know if that is just sour grapes.