Gary Mannion - Psychic Surgeon

I was just watching the Gary Mannion Psychic Surgeon section on Carte Blanche. They had a section focusing on him and then one that looked at the skeptics viewpoint, which I thought was great! They looked at his claims from a scientific standpoint. One of the ladies that had the “psychic surgery” to remove a gall stone thought that she had been healed. They did a scan and there it was - big as ever! What if it had been a tumor? >:(

The one section that my wife and I thought was quite funny was when he was sitting with his hands on an old man’s head. The interviewer asked the old man what he was being treated for, and he couldn’t remember. So they asked his daughter and she said “Alzheimers and dementia”. My wife burst out laughing and said “The treatment doesn’t seem to be working!” :smiley:

Wow, this sounds great. I’m so sorry I don’t have MNET!

I didn’t know Abraham sounded like a English snob.

I didn't know Abraham sounded like a English snob.

HAHAHAHAHA,I noticed that too. ;D And when he said that Abraham is with him constantly, except for 3 days a month; I couldn’t contain myself - I suppose he goes on 'oliday for a couple of days. His portrait of Abraham looked like a jolly Santa who had a a few too many sips of egg nog.

The other thing that had me laughing was his séance, it was as if he’d read every old book on mediums and how to conduct a séance - I half expected to see some gauzey ectoplasm dribble out of his nose.

He’s like a bad stage magician.The thing is he’s still young, 20,so he still has time to polish up his act - he’ll be able to con more people over time.

The part that got me angry were his claims that he could heal any illness. Until recently, he had claimed to cure cancer, but pressure from sceptics forced him to take those claims off his website. My heart went out to the old man with Alheimer’s disease; I really wanted to punch Gary Mannion in the face and tell him to get Abraham to heal that for him. He issues disclaimers on his webpage and at fairs to cover his backside, instead he says that offers his opinion and people are free to make up their own minds based on his opinion.

He’s a conman and I don’t think that he really believes he’s able to heal people, I didn’t find him sincere at all. He didn’t deal with his “patients” with the compassion I’ve seen in some healers who genuinely believe they have a “gift”; he came across as “rehearsed” to me.