Gauteng Weather

Weird or what? The thunderstorms, the amount of rain, the wind that blew half the province away.

It took me an hour and twenty minutes to travel the 15km from home into work today (and I leave at 6:30am), the roads are flooded, I had to dodge a tree across the road, and of-course, the usual idiots doubled in numbers and caused three accidents on my (usually) short commute.

I’ve just gone to have a look at the traffic:

because of my “beautiful” view in this high-rise building, the traffic right around the city centre is gridlocked, I’ve contacted all the staff not in yet, and advised them to rather go back home than attempting to enter the city centre.

Hows the weather where you’re at? Anybody else experienced some hazardous events?

i have a km trek to the tar road along a mud slippy slide this morning. woke up to rumbling thunder, which i totally love. the wind is kak, but i dont mind the rain as much though. just wish i could be in bed watching Dexter instead.

Lol, I don’t know why everyone loses their mind at a hint of bad weather. But then, today I walked to work, so I shouldn’t worry. Just glad I didn’t have to drive today.

Yeah traffic was havoc this morning, I was very fortunate to not get a good look at any of it… but I was following on the radio…

M1 northbound was aparently closed due to a truck having an accident and catching fire, all traffic routed through Smit street. I can totally understand why city central was an absolute dog show… and countless other accidents were rattled off in quick succession on radio, on all major routes. Why do people lose their ability to drive when it rains a bit?

was driving from midrand to soweto at 7am today. traffic stood still on the N1 from Roodepoort to William Nicol. so insanely glad we were travelling in the other direction.