Any Go players here? Would you be interested in a game at a SITP? Just drinking and chatting is not really my cup of tea.

I’ve played go, but to call me a “go player” is to call GW Bush a “genius”.

Explain what it is and I’ll indicate whether I’d be interested to learn? Never heard of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best game ever!

Once discovered I never went back to chess.

The Johannesburg Club meets on Tuesdays in Rosebank Mall, too far from where I live so I hardly ever attend.

If the Wiki page is TL;DR, basically, “go” is a game you’ll learn in minutes because it has incredibly simple rules.

But once you start actually playing games, you realise it’s difficulty makes chess look like noughts and crosses.

I own a board and stones, which is quite an achievement IMHO, finding it wasn’t easy.

I recall this game from somewhere in the depths of my past, I suspect I was still a child, yep, it sounds like fun.

Best way to learn is to attend the Joburg club evenings if you can make it there. They have beginner boards and can help teach. It might be intimidating because when you arrive all you see are geeks sitting quitely concentrating on their games. Best is to approach somebody observing a game and ask them to teach you.

They also have board and stones (and books) for sale but you might want to play a while to decide if you like it.

Otherwise if there is interest we could meet at a SITP and I can teach but I only have the standard board size, which is large and intimidating, perhaps not ideal for beginners but you can learn on it.

Next option is to read up on the rules and download go playing software like this one: Computer Go on a 9x9 Board

Note that Go is so complicated that no computer can yet beat humans with just a few months of experience.

I just take 2 white sheets of paper and cover the parts of the board I don’t need, instantly adjustable size.

FWIW if there’s interest I can bring a set to SITP too. I need a good excuse to attend again.

I’ve sent the linky to the S/O, he’s been trying to get me interested in Warhammer for the last three years, and I suspect he’d be pleased that at last, there is something that interest me, if I can get him curious, then I’ll have an excuse to attend SITP. I’ve been wanting to attend but never could find a way around my own conservative outlook of attending a pub (containing strange MEN!) without him joining me.

I have found that the quickest and easiest way of introducing yourself to something you are completely unfamiliar with is to search for it on Youtube. Especially with something simple like a board game a “how to play xxx” search on youtube will educate you faster than anything else I can think of.

Just about to watch one of many available for GO myself, had never heard of it until I read this thread.

If there is interest I’ll bring my board to the next Joburg SITP.