God = SOB

Today I worked at a disabled school. It is one thing to see adults in wheelchairs but quite different to see children, and quite a few of them. Life is full of bumps so one expects adults to became disabled. But kids? One girl controlled her wheelchair with her chin. She’s got arms and legs but totally deformed. She was born this way.

If the existence of a god can be proofed I still want nothing do do with him. He is almighty, so he can do something for this girl and others, yet he does not. A loving god? No, he is a spiteful, selfish S.O.B. and I would still despise him, even if you could proof he is out there.

The answer to this will of course be “God moves in mysterious ways”. The wheelchair is an electric, man made, machine with a joy stick at her chin. A machine that works, to help make her life a little better, not some #$@% fairy taking the credit when someone wins the lotto or something.

Yeah, we are fairly lucky that God is a non existing entity. We’d have been in deep shit if the immoral bastard were to have been real.

stuff like this would maybe be much easier to deal with if one could blame someone/something though. such suffering continuing because we as humans haven’t figured out how to fix it yet kinda makes the human race responsible. if we could just blame a god and call him/she/it a SOB at least then we could look to him/her/it for an explanation :-\

Enter Mr Devil. Maybe the early theologians made the tridented imp up as a scapegoat. That way, a good God conveniently remains beyond reproach.


… but only if you also conveniently ignore that this know-it-all, can-do-it-all, filled-only-with-goodness, been-there-done-that god made Mr Devil in the first place.


contradiction in terms - a filled-only-with-goodness god would a)not create evil (Mr Devil) and b) surely use his all-powerfulness to fix the evils that Mr Devil supposedly caused. (even if only to convice us lowly humans of his eternal love and blah blah blah)

This inherent contradiction in the characteristics of Yhwhw is the reason he may safely be rejected as a real entity.

phew - we almost bit the bullet there!



Well spotted all. Now all we need to do is convince 1.6 billion others.


The sad part for me is, either the disabled person think “God moves in mysterious ways, I would some day be rewarded” Or “God allowed satan to take control over my situation, maybe I have to pay for the sins of my parents, so I am not worthy of God” Since it was their gawd who placed them in their wheel chairs in the first place, I really can’t understand them still worshipping him thereafter, I sure as hell won’t (that is, if I thought he existed!)

:smiley: We’re working on it. I’ll be the first to admit it is slow going…

As an atheist, perhaps my only real regret is that I’ll never get a post-mortem chance to say, “See? I told y’all it’s twaddle.” :wink:


Seems like you guys are struggling with the problem of evil without trying to develop a sound, coherent theodicy?

How about you just admit:
Evil as a concept is a human invention, that doesn’t really exist?

Why does humans inventing evil make it any less real?

Why does humans inventing God make God any less real?

Why are you talking in oxymorons?


Because you say it is…

Is God a real human invention? Sure!

Just like evil, maths, science, love, good etc.?

Math and science are more logically structured, but yeah.

What about objective reality and objective truths? Also a human invention?