God's part in the US election

The things that come out of Palin’s mouth are astounding. There are a couple of things that immediately come to mind when I read about someone praying for a particular election outcome (please add yours as well, this is bizarre on so many levels that there must be plenty):

  • If the religous right are so confident in their god, they should not bother voting, just stay home and PRAY.
  • (Discussed on this thread): If the witches in Africa are using muti to get Obama elected, and you are praying to God for McCain, do you admit God is weaker than the witches if Obama wins?
  • As Ed points out: God gave man free will, but you are praying for him to suspend this divine gift for those who don’t go along with you.


Well, god won’t let Obama win because his father was a muslim and his mother was…gasp…an ATHEIST! :o

Well, I just sent up a prayer while having some leftover pasta and asked the FSM to let Obama win. I hope that when he does, more people will see the power of Pastafarianism and convert… ;D
I’m sure if Obama doesn’t win, it would be part of the greater plan FSM have for all of us ::slight_smile:

When I saw this on foxnews yesterday I was blown away. I guess I should not have been though, the US Republican party has shown itself to be a christian values party.
Perhaps the “right” thing thing for the USA would be for all the christian bibles to spontaneously combust? Lets all pray for it to happen, you never know…

Pandering to the religious is not quit the same thing as having the same values as the religious.

The republicans like any political part that could be said to have “lost” its way looks around and tries to find a large voter base
that it can convince to keep them in power. A few years a go the religious right in the USA began to flex its political muscle and make some waves. The Republican party tried to ride that wave and it worked, this is how bush was elected the first time round…
and the second :frowning:

The right thing for the USA is exactly what just happened, the religious vote backfired on the Republicans in what was an increase in voting turnout for the USA. They simply didnt have the appeal (Palin and Mcain) or the numbers to remain in power. America woke up and elected a relatively non religious, smart, young black man. Now lets just hope that his advisor’s are competent and dont give him bad advice.

On a side note, the problem with all the bibles in the USA spontaneously combusting is that you would have a bunch of other nuts coming out the woodwork claiming it was their gods power on display, and they would probably grow in numbers from that one incident alone. I for one would hate to live under the insanity of Wiccans, they have even less of a grasp on reality belief wise then most christians in my opinion.

with regards to some of the other points in scienceteacherinexile’s post

I think a lot of people don’t have a good grasp of how what they think they are saying and what they actually say can
vary just because of the meaning given to some of the words used. I’m not going to go into if the language is a second or third language because native speakers of the language usually give you a break just because your trying.

Ive found in personal experience that people use the word pray when they mean hope, this is usually amongst religious people, but
its fairly common from what Ive seen. Palin being part of the flock that believes in the literal bible no matter how far removed it is from the original Greek and Hebrew in time and sometimes in meaning probably is right now wondering how god could let her lose.

Arguing with people who say god will do the right thing, usually means they want god to do what they want. They only need to go read their bible to see that what people usually want and what is claimed god wants really don’t have much to do with each other. Then again when you turn “god” into a cash dispenser then I suppose there is not much more in the way that can be expected in thought.

  1. No as any non thinking apologist knows you just alter the facts to suit you, eg “God let Obama win as a trial for Americans, we need more faith before he will descend in rapture and glory and smite the non believers”, I always hope that should this happen Jesus goes round asking questions in Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew.

  2. I have yet to read in the bible where god explicitly states you have free will, or 2 actually wants you to use this “free will”. Yes its implied because people disobey god. However god usually bullies them into doing what he wants, has them killed or even when they do the right thing, forces them to do the wrong thing. Take Moses and the exodus, he asks Pharaoh …let my people go. Big P says sure take them, they’re to much trouble anyway. Big G goes “wtf?!?” it cant be that easy, else people wont believe I’m powerful Big G and “hardens” Big P’s heart against Moses so he looks like a liar and Big G gets to open a world of hurt on Egypt.

I don’t have a problem with people praying or hoping for a particular outcome, I have the problem when it doesn’t happen or even worse, when it does. :stuck_out_tongue: