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I know we have had this discussion in the past, but is anyone else amused by ads that Google produces?
I was looking through some posts and one popped up that said "The Atheist’s Riddle: So simple, any child can understand; so complex, no atheist can solve ".
It leads to this guy called Perry Marshal’s website. I found this which is one of the peripheral pagea. Bluegray V: that is not a link to the ad, it is a link to another page. Is that allowed?
If not, here is the main arguments which are for Intelligent Design:

The starting point of this discussion is my central thesis, which is:
  1. DNA is not merely a molecule with a pattern; it is a code, a language, and an information storage mechanism.
  2. All codes are created by a conscious mind; there is no natural process known to science that creates coded information.
  3. Therefore DNA was designed by a mind.

I have seen this before at PZ’s site where he gives a couple of thoughts on it. Enjoy.

I wanted to point this out as I thought some may find it amusing (at least for a few minutes), but I also wanted to remind people to click the links as it helps pay to maintain the site.

Yeah, I am ammused by some of the ads as well… that one crops up often when atheists are mentioned :smiley:

Posting a link without the adwords code (where you get forwarded to) is fine, asking people to click links is not (at least not if I do it :P)

As if the source were not mindless enough, this is a completely lobotomised, hobbled and declawed rehash of the risible mathematics of Dr Werner Gitt, a creationist who never bothered to read, let alone understand, Claude Shannon’s seminal informatics paper of 1948.

“My central thesis,” indeed!

But, yes, many of the Google ads appearing in this less frequented corner and context of the Internet would be utterly hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that you just know they’re infecting defenceless minds with pure woo.

Does that “just know” put me in the woo-woo camp?


I don’t think that it’s woo when you have witnessed the results of the infection enough.
OK, it would be hard to get statistics on it, but I won’t hold you to that ;).

OK, since I noticed the subject of this post, I have been paying more attention to the ads.
Some are howlers like “Christian Masturbation” :smiley: what the bible really says about it yada yada, but how did one get generated for “Nitrogen Plants - On site Collaboration” ???

Reading blogs this morning I noticed these coming up …

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I had a look at the sites and there's Prof Kaali, Prof Kaboyo, Dr. Mamma, Prof Waswa and Prophet Mubi that can solve all your problems; they seem to be of the Prof Wango type...

Prof Kaali, of the doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line between reality and being engrossed in Merlin on Friday evenings!

While a lot of people view fate and destiny as unchangeable, my powers can change the course of destiny.
Now I can finally “Remove black spots in your hand that keep taking your money away”! The cool thing is that if you are atheist, the Quick Links will take you to alternative solutions…
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This shit really makes my blood boil! From the sound of things, they could probably cure that for me if I pay over some good money.

I suggest you get together with someone whose blood is chilled by this proliferation of nonsense. It’ll probably be cheaper and maybe the effects will cancel…

More seriously, it’s unfortunate that the law is reactive in cases like this. You have to show real harm before the law can intervene. This is unlikely to happen for cultural and psychological reasons coupled to the fact that these woo-mongers operate in the touchy-feely realm where harm may arise from neglecting proper treatment, rather than from the “treatments” being in themselves harmful.

For what they’re worth, here are a few other SA Woo-woogle ads that I’ve seen:

The above list is hardly exhaustive, though.


Circular reasoning: See Reasoning, circular
Reasoning, circular: See Circular reasoning