Gospel Singer goes skeptic

Check out this article about John Ellis, the former lead singer for the Gospel band Tree 63 http://www.tonight.co.za/index.php?fArticleId=5564243

Parts of the article I found interesting were:

"There is religion and there is reality. God lives in reality, assuming he exists at all."


I suddenly realise that Ellis is possibly the most free I've ever seen him in the 15 years I have known him. There is a lightness to him ...

Oh, cool… I stole it for Twitter. :–)

Oh good, now he can make some real music. :smiley:

I’m wondering here… isnt this the guy whose wife got raped at home earlier this year? There’s a thread on this here somewhere, lemme go have a look-see.

it must be pretty blind to make your name fronting a gospel band, then having the light come on. shame, poor bugger. they spoke to him on 5fm a while ago, seems like a lekker oke.
i wonder if his change of heart re: god caused him to go solo, and split from tree63?

Nope, 'twas Louis Britz


Anyone remember that episode of South Park where Cartman started his own Christian rock band by just adding “Jesus” to various well known love songs? That was some funny shit. ;D

Actually this reminds me a lot of my own story. I had made quite a name in the Christian world as a worship leader. When I saw the light and became an atheist it caused quite a stir. Most of the people thought I had abandoned Christ and them, and many were deeply offended and aggressive towards me. If John Ellis really has found the truth in agnosticism or atheism he may walk a lonely path for a few months until his true friends emerge or he makes new ones.

Can you remember which season? Which episode? I have 12 seasons of South Park on my computer. I’m not a HUGE fan of SP but that episode sounds great.

Sorry Steve I’d shouldn’t poke fun, but I do have a rather dark sense of humour. I used to listen to some of it once upon a time as well, so I share to some extent any embarrassment you might feel. :-[

Which makes it even funnier. ;D

Season 7 Episode 9 - Christian Rock Hard

Agreed. We gotta sometimes just laugh at ourselves and our spectacular blunders from the past. And falling for the Christian myth has GOT to be one of the most epic failures in our past - let alone being so actively involved. We were duped - ah shit - gotta just laugh ;D

Thanks. Got it. Will watch and enjoy.