Happy to have found you

Hi, everyone. Yep, I must say that I’m glad to see an SA Skeptics group - onse mense - for a change. I am an avid listener of quite a few skeptical podcasts (SGU, Quackwatch, HealthFraud, Scepticality) and it’s changed my outlook drastically over the last couple of months. I work in the R&D dept of a small pharmaceutical company and find the skeptical approach extremely helpful in my line of work. This especially so since there’s such a lot of BS doing the rounds in our country’s health industry at the moment.
I look forward to many skeptical discussions - especially with some local flavour if possible.

Hello, bygavage, and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Got any evidence for this? Because without such, we’ll have to brand you a witch and poison you homoeopathically… :wink: ;D