Have you ever googled yourself?

You know you have, if not yourself, then someone you know, or hope to know. Good old stalking is now even less physically taxing, coz the interwebs brings all the info you greasy head can handle!

Trouble with me on Google is that my friggen book comes up - all over the friggen place (even in India). Aaah fame - but nothing juicy I’m afraid - I must be boring.

I’ve got a horribly common name… and I at times are prone to flights of fancy and all my namesakes seem to do so much better than I… :-[

me too! all over the place…book caused it…but some other stuff too

Oh dear, I am also all over the place - and NOT because i wrote a book, but because of much more embarrassing situations that I seem to find myself in more often than what I should… :-[
I guess one can only hope that other people don’t google me…