Hello there from Pretoria

Hi all,

I am 35 year old atheist from Pretoria. I was raised in a christian household, fell from religion HARD and have been an atheist since my early 20’s. I used to be very moderate but have become a militant outspoken atheist as I see religion permeating everywhere and not one christian affords me the ‘respect’ to not believe. I am sick and tired of religious folk having the ‘right’ to reinforce their fairy tale/metal virus whereever they see fit. I think if I see one more “real men follow jesus” bumper sticker I will vomit, the same with the “Turn 2 god” bill boards.

I am a software developer by trade.

Looking forward to chatting to like-minded people and making new friends


Good to have you on-board!

Oh no not another militant atheist…spare my holy soul!!! Just kidding Mordred >:D…welcome and I’m sure you’ll have some fun on this forum where there are many like-minded guys ‘n’ gals.

welcome. you are sure to find some debate here that will float your boat.

Yay!!! Another person like me. Welcome Mordred. I am also a militant atheist from Pretoria with a similar hatred for the bumper stickers and billboards. I hope you become a regular contributor to our discussions - I think you are gonna love it here.

Thank you to all for the warm welcome.

A friend of mine has attended the pub meets in Pretoria so looking forward to attending one and meeting some of you.

Is George Classen still active? I can’t find any of his sites on line anymore? I seem to remember some debacle about taking religion out of schools and some of the religious zealots (are there any other kind :P) threatening him?

I’m in contact with George but I don’t know whether his site is active…I found it wasn’t.

Sup mordred, always nice to have new folks around. may the FSM bless you with aplent’ee of ale!

Good chance here to get back at those slogans, Mordred. Welcome.


I’d luv to get one of those stickers…lmfao!

There are some nice stickers on order here.

… so you are a 15 year old atheist from Pretoria? Baie welkom hier! ;D


“SA turn to one another”

… and leave your bigotted, hatred-mongering, divisive God out of the picture.

Lol ;D

Let’s just say the last fifteen years have been the best! Like seeing colour for the first time after only seeing black and white.

I know the feeling - awesome. You are our kind of guy Mordred, and BTW the avatar you have chosen is brilliant.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.

Looking fwd to the first pub meet I attend to have a beer and chat.

Hi Mordred. A belated late welcome from me as well. :wink: