Hi skeptics of the world

My name is also Brian.
I’m a retired development economist and live in Durban.
I’ve recently (10 years) written and published a book titled “Moses was a Liar” (Raider Books NY 2009) You can Google it and also on the same pages find Brian’s Answers, which is a website called Asnwerbag.com, a hilarious debating platform which gets very hot at times.
My book is available at Exclusive Books (order ISBN 9781616670061) Kalahari.net, Amazon etc.
I was very releived to find this platform after reading Dr George Claassen’s book “Geloof, Bygeloof en ander Wensdenkery”.
I’m sure I will enjoy engaging with you fellas and fellinis.

Actually, George Claassen’s sceptical site and forum address is “www.skeptic.co.za” whereas this one’s is “forum.skeptic.za.org”. To the best of my knowledge, they are, except in spirit, unrelated.

Hello, and welcome nonetheless. :wink:


Welcome Brian. I see you are with the same publishers as me - cool. My book is Courage To Doubt. Will Google yours and have a peek.

Hi and welcome

I haven’t written any books. If I do, it will be a Lee Child type. And only because he writes so damn slow. >:D

Mad respect to all you authors who help shine the light of enlightenment on the dark corners of delusion that permeates our world.

Hi there! Welcome here!

Thanks for the welcomes: by the way how do you set up your avatar on this site in the profile? ???

Steve Muso:
Cool I’ll check out your book as well…did you have hassles with Raider? I’m busy with the sequel at the moment titled “Christians, Cannibals and Cannabis”

Good question, this blonde couldnt figure it out either… :-[


As for the avatar, go to your profile, the top little bar just above the topic title, and then click on Forum Profile Information. I should actually upload one as well