Higgs Mechanism

can anybody explain this to me in english?
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Me too, please. I know the Higgs boson is supposed to confer mass on other particles, but how? And why? Is the LHC powerful enough to detect it?

1. The Higgs mechanism

Imagine a party of his political party with equally distributed in the room, each talking to their nearest neighbors. The former Prime Minister enters and crosses the room. All politicians close to it are attracted to and aggregate near you. As it moves, attracts people to whom you approach, while those left behind back to their positions.

Due to the accumulation of people who always stick together around it, the former Prime Minister acquires a mass larger than normal in physical terms, he gains more momentum for the same speed of movement throughout the room. Momentum is a property of matter (momentum) obtained by multiplying the mass times the speed, momentum.

Once it starts moving is more difficult to stop, once that is more difficult to set in motion because the process of clumping of politicians has to be restarted. In three dimensions, and the complications of relativity, this is the Higgs mechanism . To give mass to particles, it follows that a background field is distorted locally through which a particle. This distortion, the clumping of the field around the particle, is what generates the mass of the particle.


i have a suspicion to really know what the hell that means, i need to understand some other physics stuff as well. oi vey.

The current model for particle physics predicts that some particles, called gauge bosons, should have zero mass. However this is not what is observed.

The Higgs mechanism is a hypothesis that a Higgs field interacts with the gauge bosons giving them mass. The hypothesis also predicts that a particle called a Higgs boson is created, this is what the Large Hadron Colider was built to discover. If they don’t find it then the Higgs mechanism is not what happens and an alternative explanation must be found. Finding the Higgs boson would be cool, confirming the hypothesis but it would be boring. Not finding it would mean they have go back to the drawing board to think up more weird and wonderful things and maybe build bigger things that go boom.

A Higgs field is a field that most probably has always been around since the big bang and is responsible for inertial mass. Without a Higgs field then everything should have zero mass, like a photon.

To go into how the Higgs field interacts with gauge bosons to give them mass requires some math, imaginary numbers, klein bottles and their ilk :wink:


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