Homeopathy - My advice left me feeling sad

Yesterday, my Mom mentioned to me that she was going to the “Doctor”. I left it at that, since I don’t want to be nosy and knew she would volunteer the information if she felt like it.

When we spoke today, she told me about her schedule for the day and mentioned that she was going to the Homeopath, because she is feeling lightheaded and thinks it might be low blood pressure. If she had told me that she has low energy or a slight headache or something, I would have kept my mouth shut, but I know that blood pressure is not something to tempt fate with.

I asked her if she should not perhaps go to see a “real” doctor. She sounded confused by this statement and said that her aunt has gone to homeopaths for many years. I asked her if she knew what homeopathic medicine is, to which she responded that it was a “natural” remedy.

At first, she did not want to hear me out. I asked her if she would listen to me for five minutes, after which I will leave her to make her own decision.

I said to her that I love her and care about her and that medical problems like blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes etc is better left to professionals. I proceeded to explain the background of homeopathic solutions and how they are prepared. As I spoke, I saw the disappointment in my Mother’s eyes, bordering on hurt.

These f***ers have lied to my Mom all her life and now I have to be the one to burst the bubble.

She asked if I would cancel the appointment so that she could make one with her doctor. I said that she should go to the homeopath, but tell him that I would like to know what the difference is between the remedy he prescribed and water. She said that it sounds like a waste of money to go.

I’m not sure what she has done in the mean time, but I hope she went to the Medical Doctor’s office.

I know I did the right thing, but it broke my heart. (Yes, I’m a softy when it comes to my Mommy.)

I’ve seen Dan Dennett also mention how hard it can be to tell someone: “You’ve wasted your entire life worshiping a God that wasn’t there”.

At the end of the day, the responsibility does not lie at your door. You did the correct thing. It is the charlatans out there who should feel bad.

Thanks BoogieMonster…

I’ve received feedback. She canceled her appointment with the Homeopath and made an appointment to see the Doctor this afternoon at 15:00, which she now postponed to 10:30 tomorrow. :-\

Hope she’s alright until then.

Ah-hell, I understand completely, my heart broke time and time again the last few months with my mom receiving well-meant “advice” from family and friends about “cures” for cancer. She came to me every time with the latest and it was a SHIT job to tell her again and again that there is at this point of time only one way to go and thats with the Chemo.

Its bloody horrible, its your (my) MOM for goodness sake, and when people attempt to influence them with rubbish like this its tough to make sure they’re ok in the end.

I’m glad she listened to you though. That’s a compliment in itself, she obviously values your opinion and advice more than those of her family and peers.

As for low blood pressure, its less dangerous than high, although it does influence your energy levels, she should be fine until her appointment.

I am so sorry that you have to go through that. A few, perhaps five or six, years ago, we went through the same thing with my ‘then’ future sister-in-law.

We looked into everything “alternative”, including vitamins and supplements, BodyTalk, Reiki etc. etc. It was the first step towards me becoming a full-fledged skeptic.

Please be strong. You are all in my thoughts.

Best regards,


It’s terrible that there are so many con-men out there playing on the credulity and gullibility of gentle folk (like our parents) for their money by giving them false hope etc. Others spring to mind like these idiots claiming to talk to loved-ones who have passed away. Penn and Teller do a great show on this and REALLY go off in EXTREME anger about the amount of pain and suffering they bring.

It’s not just religion fooling the people we love - there are many other scams out there. Wouldn’t it be gr8 if we could do something positive towards giving enlightenment like Sentinal. Well done bro - and Faerie - it took guts to be honest.