According to the BMA, homotoxicology just is: :wink:

Homotoxicology is .

There is a little more on the Healing Focus site. Direct link to the pdf file: Homotoxicology

Homotoxicology is an approach to healing that integrates the treatment principles of homeopathy with the diagnostic approach of allopathic medicine. Developed over fifty years ago in Germany, homotoxicology is becoming more widely practiced in the United States. Practitioners trained in homotoxicology offer homeopathic remedies for a variety of health concerns. The Institute for Traditional Acupuncture and Herbology has expertise in homotoxicology and welcomes contact from patients and providers about this effective system of medicine.

Google homotoxicology and hiv and you will find pages like this one from Homoeopathic association of South Africa

Managing HIV/AIDS with Homotoxicology Homotoxicology is a specific therapeutic system which has a major influence on immuno-modulation, of great benefit to sufferers of HIV/AIDS

As has been stated here many times, this is where a naive view of this type of woo is very dangerous and damaging.
I actually had a friend years ago who had cancer (I don’t remember where it started), who stopped her medical treatment for this type of treatment. When she told me this, she was excited saying her cancer was in remission and she was getting healthier each day. My mother sent me a newspaper clipping after I had come to SA and I saw she was in the obituaries.
I do not know what her medical prognosis and outlook were, but it makes me sad that she did not give herself a chance.
With the HIV/AIDS situation here, these pseudo-medical treatments are extremely dangerous IMHO.

As has so many times been stated related to homeopathy; where is the proof, clinically?

It is most amusing to see that the one definition mentions homeopathy and allopathic medicine in the same breath as “combine”. Hannemann would have a fit if he knew what happened to his “anti-allopathic” creation.

If you keep to below 6C dilutions I will look at what proof there may be offered for potential results. Unfortunately the majority of these tinctures are more than 6C so don;t even bother.

That “wonder” flu cure that will probably take in hundreds of thousands of rand again this winter (if not millions, oscillocinum is a 200C dilution!! Yet people buy this stuff and actually think they felt better afterwards!