how hard can this be?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as much as i love this country, the inability to ANYTHING i want in the shops!!
i’m trying to find a blank american football shirt for my sleepsel, which i want printed for him. and so help me, not ONE shop in our country can help me!!!
any ideas fellas?

We only do rugby here…

surely a nice WP or Stormers jersey would do the trick? :smiley:

Have you tried the sports shops? There are American football clubs in the south and they get their shirts from somewhere?

sports shops firstly dont know what im talking about, and want to sell me soccer shirts.
but ja, i will google clubs and see what it comes up with.
otherwise im going to have buy it from some dude in pakistan…

no american football clubs in south that i can find.
gonna try ebay as well.

Chinese Market??? :-\

last effort, i will try them, or oriental plaza.

try www.gridiron football

the link, she goes nowhere sensei…

not a link merely a google addres sorry you know I’m dof wif these things

here’s a link: Access Denied

dankie oom. looks promising.