Human pin code

It’s been around a few years. It’s local. It’s catching on (based on my circle of acquaintances). It’s our own home-grown woo woo.

Any thoughts?

What is the Pincode? Your personality and processing styles were imprinted in you on the day that you were born. Pincodes is a science it is used by Doctors, Psychologist [sic], Accountants, Teachers and Forensic Detectives and more. Allot [sic] of people in different Careers all around the World use Pincodes in their daily life to understand themselves and the people around them better.

I giggled

Surely people cannot take this seriously??

First, I read this. It’s like trying to read a coked-up Jack Russell puppy in the middle of electroshock therapy.

Then I started reading the following:

I honestly couldn’t finish reading this stuff. It is so wide of the mark of what we do know about spacetime, atomic structure and the properties of subatomic particles that it reads like a parody. Except, alas, it’s not. Forbes is so completely clueless on the things he talks about here that one must seriously wonder if it’s worth the effort debunking this hooey. Those who can see it’s hooey don’t need it debunked and those who can’t see it won’t be open in any way to reasoned argument.

It’s undue respect for ill-informed brainspasms à la Forbes’s that’ll be humanity’s undoing yet.


I got as far as this:

The Human Pin Code The Human Pin Code is a scientific method of analyzing your personality, as imprinted on your day of birth.

and lost interest.

utter bullshit.

the only thing imprinted on you, is on the day of conception, and it’s called DNA.

Yes I have ADD and yes I usually derail the subject… but :P…

Isn’t there a concept of DNA based “knowledge” that you gain at birth too? Things like being able to breastfeed and having sexual drive, etc. Afaik animals have MORE of this than humans, ex: lots of animals get up and walk moments after birth. Humans allegedly have LESS of it, however their brains are much more adaptable after the birth to learn new things (albeit that it takes much longer to become self sufficient).

I can imagine that personality traits could also be part of this “dna based information”?

What is so darn hard about this concept!? Genes give us propensities for following certain behaviours. They do not guarantee that individuals will actually behave according to their genetic make-up. To think otherwise is to reveal a profoundly poor understanding of how genes stand in relation to behavioural traits (or to torture it into something it’s decidedly not) — an oft-repeated error of thinking that has time and again been shown up by examples of twins, identical or not, separated at birth. In view of the aforesaid, the notion of a genetic predetermination of personality, i.e. a “human PIN code,” is demonstrable baloney.


Sigh, and this is why I always try to qualify everything I say but alas frequently people still get me wrong.

Yes, DNA gives us a propensity, gene expression can change too, etc etc.

The above isn’t suitably qualified re genetic heritability. Nor is it compatible, even in principle, with the following.

Unfortunately, your previous post left me with the very distinct impression that to an appreciable extent you’re buying into this “behavioural programming” based on genetics, ergo my reaction. There is nothing in modern evolutionary theory to support such a view because a predisposition for certain behaviours is quite far removed from those behaviours being hardwired into an organism. They persist on the genetic level only to the extent that behaving in line with those predispositions is, on the whole, circumstantially beneficial. The crucial difference to be entirely clear about and which cannot be stressed enough is the same as that developing a dextrous pair of hands is genetically determined, whereas using them for specific tasks is not.


…or to illustrate Mefiante’s point in another way; You may have a genetic propensity to be an Olympic swimming champion a la Michael Phelps but may have been born in the Sahara desert…so you die an Arab! However, if you take say 100 dirty Arab kids and immerse them in a swimming pool; teach them to swim and give them all that’s needed to excel, the Arabic Michael Phelps should emerge…the rest will probably drown or herd camels! ;D

I think you are referring to what is commonly known as instinct. Our brains cannot be blank slates when we are born. Certain “knowledge” must have been captured already prior to birth. Birth should not be seen as a neurologically significant event. The more primitive species rely more on instinct, as you have pointed out. The propensity to act in a specific way would then be stronger. Individual bees don’t have much choice in how they construct their honeycomb.

…you die stuck to a chair with maggot glue because you were too lazy to get off your sorry arse and into the pool.