If you could interview God what would you ask him?

You have been given an exclusive, one time only opportunity to interview God aka Yahweh. What would you ask him? (one question only)

Mine would be:
“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford an attorney one will be appointed to you…Do you understand these rights?”

What the fuck is this shit?!

Chill! Is that your question? >:D

Assuming there is an all powerful god my question would be - why?

Haha! That would be a good question, I think! But I need to clarify - are we talking about meeting the historically possible man from Nasareth who is now according to christians said to have been the son of god? Or are we referring to the hypothetical higher being creator of the universe god from the christian bible described as… whatever they ascribe to him, ‘the big guy’ i suppose would suffice as a name for now?
my question would differ considerably depending on who I am actually talking with.

Tweefo - ‘why’ what?

i think my question is all encompassing.
what the fuck is this shit with tsunamis?
what the fuck is this shit with aids?
what the fuck is this shit with aliens?
what the fuck is this shit with zuma?
what the fuck is this shit with fitted sheets?
what the fuck is this shit with the petrol price?

i scheme that one question, would keep him busy for a while.

lol ;D
i love typos

Why all this? The universe and everything in it.

coz i got an ego the size that would make puff daddy look like an amateur. and im a narcissistic, bipolar, borderline, codependant, insecure, bastard.

fixed it, thank you ;D

If I was god, the answer would be - “why not” “because I can” or " well, it seemed like a good idea at the time"
Would those be satisfactory answers?

How good was Mary in bed?

whaa ka ka!
did the earth move?
did you hear angels?


I did mention the big guy aka Yahweh of the Big Bang…the kid is an amateur with a confused bloodline.

My question would be the same to all of these - “Where have you been hiding?”

Agnostic Gospel Song

i think i just wet myself laughing

totally thanx for this link, i am canning myself at the contents

I dunno. Probably to sign my Bible.


For Olypus’s sake, how on earth am I supposed to compete with the internet with these silly little wings on my boots and cap?