For now I will not be using more than the ingwe name. I am a decrepit 60+ male who was educated at both catholic and anglican schools. :-\ This had me questioning the discrepancies in the teachings of the two similar but so different religions. From an early age I was questioning and researching all kinds of stories and myths, Britanica and the other encyclopedias at the local and school library were my constant companions. My reading and interests were on the scientific level rather than philosophical but this did not stop me from examining as many of the religions as I could with the idea of finding more substance than just the doctrines.
The result of all of my reading was a skeptic who left school in the mid 1960s to go to university and do national service without the absolute belief of most of my fellows. I wondered and questioned myself many times as my lack of conviction appeared so out of place especially in the military. It has taken many years to discover that I was not alone in my feelings and thoughts on all those questionable subjects. The internets have been like a toyshop to me, the wide variety of views expressed have been fun to digest and evaluate. Alternative medicine, the occult, water divining, astrology and all the other forms of woo or deceit all need to be exposed for what they are and this looks like a good place to do so!
Thank you for a home grown site.


Heh heh, welcome fellow spotty scepticat :wink: